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TEACHING AND LEARNING CREATIVELY: I01 General/tradePIRATIO01 General/trade AND REFLECTIO01 General/trade offers a glimpse into a Clemson University project that fostered poetry writing in courses across the curriculum and grew to include visual and other kinds of creative responses.



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Published 22 April 2006
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TeacHing and Learning Creatively Inspirations and Reflections
Edited by Patricia A. Connor-Greene, CatHerine Mobley, CatHerine E. Paul, Jerry A. Waldvogel, Liz WrigHt, and Art Young
Teacing and Learning Creatively
Teacing and Learning Creatively
Inspirations and Reflections
Edited by
Patricia A. Connor-Greene, Caterine Mobley, Caterine E. Paul, Jerry A. Waldvogel, and Art Young
Managing Editor: Liz Wrigt
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Teacing and learning creatively : inspirations and reflections / edited by Patricia A. Connor-Greene, Caterine Mobley, Caterine E. Paul, Jerry A. Waldvogel, and Art Young ; managing editor, Liz Wrigt.  p. cm.  ISBN 1-932559-82-5 (pbk. : alk. paper) -- ISBN 1-932559-83-3 (ardcover : alk. paper) -- ISBN 1-932559-84-1 (adobe ebook) 1. College students’ writings, American--Sout Carolina--Clemson. 2. American poetry--21st century. 3. American poetry--Sout Carolina--Clemson. 4. Clemson University. I. Connor-Greene, Patricia A. II. Clemson University.  PS591.C65T43 2006  810.8’0928309757--dc22  2006007228
Cover image: “Cildren’s Water Garden” by Renee Keydoszius Cover design by Liz Wrigt Printed on acid-free paper.
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Acknowledgmentsxi Reading his Bookxii he Callenge of Teacing Creatively3 Clinical Psycology Practicum12 “I watc tose ands . . . ,” Amanda Oberdoff; reflection by Jan Murdoc Landscape Arcitecture Design14 “Fences,” Jenn Miller; reflection by Frances F. Camberlain Victorian Literature16 “Looking into te Mirror,” Emily Bentall Weaters; reflection by Art Young General Biology20 “Fertilization,” Maureen McHug; reflection by Jerry A. Waldvogel Abnormal Psycology22 “he Mental Healt Professional,” Laurie Gambrell; reflection by Patricia A. Connor-Greene Women’s Body Image in Popular Culture24 “Going Downtown,” Hayley Silling; reflection by Judit M. Melton Modern Retoric28 “he Past is History,” Maura Saugnessy; reflection by Teddi Fisman
Landscape Design30 “Cildren’s Water Garden,” Renee Keydoszius; reflection by Mary Taylor Haque Sociology Field Placement32 “Just a Cild,” Micelle Love; reflection by Caterine Mobley Natural Resource Economics36 “1980s’ Western Timber Market” and “Today’s Western Timber Market,” Ralp Burrell, Brandon Durant, Amelia Frenc, Bet Jordan, Keelie Sealy; reflection by Molly Espey
Museums and Modern Culture40 “Nude Descending a Staircase,” Jason Snelgrove; reflection by Caterine E. Paul Community Healt42 “Care Begins wit Understanding,” Darci M. Rubin; reflection by Roxanne Amerson Landscape Arcitecture Design46 “As a Traveller,” Elisabet Simmons; reflection by David Camberlain Professional Practice in Industrial Engineering48 “Diversity,” Micelle Hatcer; reflection by Joel Greenstein Composition heory50 “Cat,” Sam Renken; reflection by Micael Neal General Cemistry54 “Electrocemistry,” Heater Bandstra, homas Beckam, Renee Holland, Caitlin Palazola, Pilip Poole, Harrison Weaver; reflection by Jeff Appling Major Forms of Literature56 “he Canary’s Voice,” Asley Hilton; reflection by Donna Reiss
College Teacing58 “Database Design and Administration Grapic Syllabus,” J. Cristoper Zimmer; reflection by Linda B. Nilson Major Forms of Literature60 “Morning Glory: he Budding and te Harvest,” Karly Grice; reflection by Emily Bentall Weaters Literature for Cildren62 “Lindsay’s Literature Line,” Lindsay Gauron; reflection by Micelle H. Martin Operations Management64 “BMW,” Jeff Henry; reflection by Ceryl C. Patterson and J. Wayne Patterson Introduction to Modern Algebra66 “Ode to Mat (Wit Strategically Placed Vocabulary),” Maureen McHug; reflection by Joel Brawley Tecnical Writing68 “he Guitar,” Cris Workman; reflection by Morgan Gresam Studies in Environmental Science, Law, and Policy70 “Of Carrots and Sticks: Reflections on Environmental Policy,” Jason Bryan Meadows; reflection by Margaret Louise hompson President’s Seminar72 “Dixieland Deligt and Soutern Comfort,” Angelina Oberdan; reflection by James F. Barker and Bill Koon Mat Out of te Box74 “All About Our Pattern,” Levi Owens; reflection by Bill Moss and Dot Moss
Forms of Literature76 “My Life: A Response to ‘he River-Mercant’s Wife,’” Lauren Barnett; reflection by Emily Bentall Weaters Food Tecnology Product Development78 “Jala-Mango,” Brad Ballieu, Abel Caballero, Heater Jonson, Micael Ryan, Racel Yost; reflection by Marge Condrasky Writing Arcitecture80 “Self Reflection of te Holocaust Museum,” Stevyn Buie; reflection by Jennie Wakefield Art wit Computer82 “hey Lauged at Him,” Brian Walker; reflection by Sam Wang Business Statistics84 “Region of Rejection: Gettysburg Address Revisited,” Bo Gillooly; reflection by J. Wayne Patterson and Ceryl C. Patterson Advanced Tecnical Writing86 “Purple Route (Bus Scedule),” Ed Ballew, Sarif Ewees; reflection by Barbara Heifferon Knowledge and Development in Advanced Nursing Practice88 “Alone Se Sits in Her Cair,” Debora Lucy Barnett; reflection by Bonnie Holaday Outdoor Recreation Resources Management and Planning90 “True Beauty in te Eyes of te Beolder,” Crayton Pruitt; reflection by Grant Cunningam Legal Issues & Instructional Materials Development92 “Opening Doors to a Safer Club,” Mike Marnin, Jon Pam; reflection by K. Dale Layfield and Bruce Berger
Six-Legged Science94 “I Am Worker Termite; Hear Me Roar!,” Micael Collins; reflection by Pat Zungoli Tecnical Writing98 “Blazing Bridge Builders Mindmap,” Laura Hart, Megan McCarty, Will Rogers, Cristoper Wood; reflection by Summer Smit Taylor Civil Engineering100 “Reflection,” Tarek Aziz; reflection by Ben Sill First-Year Englis102 “My Post-Museled Goolasuralpanoliacan Fluid Poem,” Kevin Howell; reflection by Skye Suttie Antropology-Study Abroad104 “Remember Lidice,” Amanda Gurganus; reflection by Jon M. Coggesall Trut in Song: American History, Our Oral Heritage106 “Untitled,” Laura Ogard; reflection by Linda Dzuris Tecnical Writing110 “Tecnical Writing,” Katie Walters; reflection by Joe Sample Secondary Content Area Reading112 “Holocaust,” Darcy Coover and “Gettysburg,” Heater Renzo, Dan McGloorn, Ryan Smit; reflection by Victoria Gentry Ridgeway Art History114 “First Sift,” Elizabet Scumpert; reflection by Andrea Feeser Landscape Arcitecture Design116 “he Four Friends Depart,” Caroline Jones; reflection by Frances F. Camberlain