Gravite! / Gravity! Èske li Rale ou?

Gravite! / Gravity! Èske li Rale ou?


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This book is part of a science series “Koleksyon Syans Mwen" in Haitian Kreyòl. The series is divided into six themes: Plants, Animals, Forces, Matter, Earth and Space, and Nature of Science. Each theme includes six titles to yield 36 book titles. Each title in the collection is beautifully illustrated and contains critical thinking and comprehension questions, a glossary and an index.


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Published 15 September 2011
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Gravity! Do You Feel It? Silverman Rourke Classroom GraviteÈ!ske li Rale ou?
Buffy Silverman
Extrait de la publication
Extrait de la publication
Gravite! Èske Li Rale Ou?
Buffy Silverman
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Gravite! Èske Li Rale ou? Conrad J. Storad
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Table of Contents
Kisa Gravite Ye? 4 Kijan Gravite Fonksyone? 10 Òbitaj Nan Lespas 16 Montre Sa Ou Konnen 22 Glosè 23 Endèks 24
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Kisa Gravite Ye?  Voye yon balon anlè. Kèlkeswa fòs ou mete pou voye balon an, balon an ap toujou retounen tonbe atè. Kisa ki fè boul la redesann atè a?Gravite!
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Ou pa kapab wè gravite. Men ou kapab obsève boul la toujou retounen desann sou tè.
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 Gravite se yonfòs. Yon fòs se yon bagay ki kapab rale oswa pouse yon objè. Gravite Tè a rale objè nann direksyon sant Tè a.  Kisa ki tap pase si pat genyen gravite? Wòch, kay, plant ak bèt tap flote ale nan lespas. Moun tap flote tou.
Ou fè anpil efò pou ou kapab grenpe yon mi, paske gravite ap rale ou desann.
Extrait de la publication
Extrait de la publication
 Fòs gravite rale tout objè youn nan direksyon lòt. Chak objè ki naninivèa, youn ap rale tout lòt objè yo.  Latè, solèy la, lalin nan akplanètyo, youn ap rale lòt. Batiman, machin ak tren, youn rale lòt tou. Ou menm tou, genyen atraksyon gravite!
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