Flex Your Mind
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Flex Your Mind


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120 Pages

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A roadmap for personal and professional transformation - ancient principles plus practical application.

Discover the ten ancient
principles for more peace of mind in your daily life. Understand why you behave
and think as you do, and how to make the changes that will transform your
day-to-day experience.

 With a
down-to-earth approach and real-life examples from business and personal life,
this book shows you how to make your mind stronger – and, ultimately, to make
your life lighter and less stressful – by bringing yoga philosophy into your everyday.

This is no stuffy
philosophical book. Rachel Bonkink drank too much, worked crazy hours, went for
the money and always wanted more: yoga philosophy transformed her life, and it
can transform yours too.


Chapter 1: Non-violence

as the foundation of all yogic philosophy and the quality of the strong. I dive
into the different manifestations of violence, zooming into our thoughts,
judging and social media, and revealing techniques to generate more kindness
and compassion towards ourselves and others.

Chapter 2: Truthfulness

your truth, your true Self and not lying—not to others, nor to yourself. I discuss
the power of secrets, silence, listening and the words we speak.

Chapter 3: Non-stealing

about stealing objects or money, rather on stealing other people’s time, joy
and enthusiasm. It means not stealing from the earth, nor from ourselves. This
requires slowing down, taking ownership, controlling our greed and feeling true

Chapter 4: Energy management

our energy and resources to avoid and burn out. This requires us to figure out
what brings us energy and what takes energy. I also discuss topics like breaking
free from bad habits, the relativity of our jobs and focus.

Chapter 5:  Non-attachment

or the liberation from greed. This includes the freedom that comes with not
wanting more stuff, but also covers not hanging on to old beliefs, patterns,
habits, relationships, people, a career or a position. At the same time, we see
how mastery of this principle will give us exactly what we want.

Chapter 6: Purity

involves cleansing both body and mind. I ask the reader: If our thoughts were
beamed on a big screen above us, would we be in trouble? I further the
discussion by looking at judging, simplicity, health and working out. The need
for meditation is being introduced as a means of psychological hygiene and
mental fitness.

Chapter 7: Contentment

internal state of happiness and satisfaction. This includes accepting life as
it is and examining our own expectations and restlessness.

Chapter 8: Self-discipline

and motivation. I explain how to reach goals with intentions and willpower, and
how to examine the process of failure to increase the potential for growth.

Chapter 9: Self-inquiry

a frank discussion of why we do the things that we do. This practice is about
spiritual passion and cultivating an eagerness to know Self, with a capital S.

Chapter 10: Surrender

full trust that things will work out. This requires us to look at our fear and
show our true Self.



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Published 23 July 2020
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