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It's Not You, It's Your Hormones!


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192 Pages

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No more fad diets, miracle pills or crazy workouts, this is a solution that gives you happy hormones for life!

It’s Not You, It’s Your Hormones is an informative and practical guide to empower women to regain control of their hormones and transform how they look, feel, think and behave.

This book is for every woman over 40 who is suffering needlessly. If you're stressed out, exhausted, overweight, depressed, irritable, forgetful, suffering with PMS or embarrassing hot flushes, if you've tried diets, slimming pills or excessive workouts – and nothing has worked – then it's for you. You may have been to see your doctor and been told you are ‘normal’ for your age, or been offered medication.

With little help or advice available, many women are left to ‘just get on with it’. But when a woman is not at her best, it’s not just her that suffers - the impact on her families, friends, partners and colleagues can be devastating.

This book is your lifeline. It not only explains what’s happening to you, it lets you know it’s not your fault. You're not going crazy and there is help out there!

Hormone imbalances start to happen from the age of 35 and can last up to final menopause and beyond.

The good news is that hormones respond really well to some love and attention! Simple tweaks to diet and lifestyle can have dramatic and long-lasting effects, including renewed energy, loss of stubborn fat, balanced moods and cycles, flatter stomach, better sleep, and a clear head.

As one of Nicki's clients put it, “I didn’t realise how lost I was until the fog lifted!”


A quick guide to getting the most out of this book

Part 1: Here’s the thing about hormones

Chapter 1: Hormones 101 – what are they and why do they aff ect us so much?
Chapter 2: Take the quiz – find out if you have a hormone imbalance

Chapter 3: Meet your Feisty 4

Part 2: Why your hormones need help

Chapter 4: The big dietary and lifestyle saboteurs

Chapter 5: Ditch the diet – why dieting and extreme exercise is not working for you any more

Chapter 6: Your liver and gut – why they are important

Part 3: Your hormone-balancing plan

Chapter 7: The Happy Hormone Code – your simple four-step nutrition and lifestyle solution

Step 1 - Eat

Step 2 - Rest

Step 3 - Cleanse

Step 4 - Move

Chapter 8: Mindset – get your head sorted

Chapter 9: Keeping it going

Part 4: Beyond diet and lifestyle

Chapter 10: Get yourself tested

Chapter 11: How supplements can help

Chapter 12: Hormone Replacement Therapy – the low-down

A final word

Resources: Recipes; Low GL Guide; The Happy Hormone Plate; Home Thyroid Test; The Happy Hormones Manifesto; Website and book recommendations





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