The Four Man Plan

The Four Man Plan


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Are you fabulous and very, very single?
Do you secretly suspect that you suck at love?
Author Cindy Lu knew for a long time that she was hopeless at relationships. For years she dated one wrong man after the next until, fed up with her lack of success, she decided to employ her maths skills in her search for the right man. The result was The Four Man Plan, a brilliant system for finding love that combines the certainties of maths and human behaviour to create a sure-fire formula for finding Mr Right. The secret? Always be dating four men at any given time.
Cindy¿s step-by-step process takes the guesswork and heartache out of dating and lets men compete for your affections while you enjoy the ride. Based on a carefully developed system of practices such as ¿The Disney Theorem¿ and ¿The Wait For Sex Index¿, The Four Man Plan is guaranteed to deliver the ultimate prize.



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Published 26 January 2010
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The Four Man Plan