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  • Op Ed pieces will be offered to San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angles Times, Washington Postand New York Times . Excerpts will be offered to Mother Jones, Yoga Mates, Mothering, Body and Soul, Shape and On Earth .
  • A publicist will be hired for a national radio campaign
  • Partnerships to promote the book will be pursued with celebrity anti-milk activists Julia Butterfly Hill and Dr. Ruth Heidrich and with PETA
  • The author is presenting creating a film based on Whitewash and will be touring extensively in 2011. The book will be promoted in conjunction with the film.
  • This book will be advertised in Mothering, Yogamates, Vegnews, Utne and Alternative Medicine.
  • An email announcement will be sent to the vegan list from Greenpeople.com
  • Review copies – between 100-150 review copies sent out to highly targeted list, including author requests, our “hit list” and appropriate media
  • Author pitched as guest speakers at NSP-attended conferences, where appropriate

  • Author has a doctoral degree in nutrition, and has an interest in this subject as a result of having endured a severe milk allergy as a child. He spent five years researching this subject.
  • Author works closely with several environmental and public health organizations, has successfully spearheaded several environmental awareness campaigns, has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers internationally and on local and national news broadcasts, including Dan Rather. He is well-equipped and connected to several prominent people to promote his book.
  • Audience will be parents, health-conscious adults, and anyone who questions the contents and environmental impact of what they eat and drink, health practitioners, and animal welfare advocates.
  • The recent success of Not Just a Pretty Face and the mainstream interest in the subject of toxins in cosmetics points to a public who is more open to questioning the truth behind industry and lobby groups claims.

  • There are not other books on the market to really compare, that have the scope and breadth of Whitewash.
  • The book offers viable options for a diet without milk that promotes good health.
  • The author is currently making a documentary about Whitewash, which will be intended for reasonably wide release.

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