Why I Walk
84 Pages

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Why I Walk


84 Pages

You can change the print size of this book


  • Co-op available
  • National print campaign: Wired, Walk Magazine, Women’s Health, Prevention, Shape, E Magazine. Alsourban entertainment papers, pitching “Walking the Night Away,” a destination evening where each event (e.g., dinner, dancing, drinks), can all be reached by walking.
  • Online/social media campaign: Through the author’s blog (www.newurbanismblog.com),which sees an average of 2,000 unique visitors per month and gets picked up by other outlets like Better! Cities and Towns, Streetblog, and Planetizen. Eblasts to AIA and APA members and specialty websites and blogs focused on design, architecture, New Urbanism and planning.

  • General eook marketing plans: Ebook will be available at the same time as print publication to maximize sales. Ebook ISBN will be included on all press materials, author and publisher websites. Publisher and author will be promoting both the ebook and the paperback book through social media.
  • Excerpts in: Urban daily lifestyle sections
  • Promotion through social media including New Society Publishers’ and the author’s Facebook, Twitter, website and blog.

  • The author is an Urban Designer and owner of the car-sharing company Share Savannah.
  • Why I Walk is a personal story about why the author chooses walking over other modes of transportation, and the positive impact walking has had on his life.
  • A recent survey demonstrates that Gen Y is showing a preference for walking, cycling and public transportation, with 37% increase in walking over the past 10 years.
  • Why I Walk is distinctly different from the competition in that it takes technical concepts such as how to make a city more walkable and personalizes them for a much broader audience.
  • New studies are showing that in many parts of the country the true cost of transportation is upwards of 30-40 percent of after-tax income; walking can help curb these costs.

  • Why I Walk is a first-person account of how using one’s own two feet for getting around to most things makes life richer, more empowering, healthier and more social.

  • Why I Walk takes on complex topics common in the world of architecture and urban planning and show the reader how these issues impact their daily lives.

  • For the last six years the author has blogged at www.newurbanismblog.com and receives an average of 2,000

  • Introduction
    An Ordinary Monday

    Why I Walk: Financial
    An amble to necessary places

    Why I Walk: Freedom
    Sashaying to optional places

    Why I Walk: Health
    Choosing not to saunter

    Why I Walk: Social
    Far beyond a simple stroll

    Caveat Emptor: What still needs to be done

    Epilogue: What you can do

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