Inventing Popular Culture

Inventing Popular Culture


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John Storey, a leading figure in the field of Cultural Studies, offers an illuminating and vibrant account of the development of popular culture. Addressing issues such as globalization, intellectualism, and consumerism, Inventing Popular Culture presents an engaging assessment of one of the most debated concepts of recent times.

  • Provides a lively and accessible history of the concept of popular culture by one of the leading experts in the field.
  • Traces the invention and reinvention of the concept of popular culture from the eighteenth-century “discovery” of folk culture to contemporary accounts of the cultural impact of globalization.
  • Examines the relationship between the concept of popular culture and key issues in cultural analyses such as hegemony, postmodernism, identity, questions of value, consumerism, and everyday life.


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Published 04 February 2009
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1 Popular Culture as Folk Culture Nature and Nationalism Pastoral Life as Primitive Culture Music Hall and the Masses Imagining the Past to Make the Present
2 Popular Culture as Mass Culture Culture Against Anarchy The Culture of Hyperdemocracy The Marxist Masses Ways of Seeing Other People as Masses
3 Popular Culture as the “Other” of High Culture The Making of High Culture The Modernist Revolution The Politics of Cultural Exclusion Culture and Class
4 Popular Culture as an Arena of Hegemony Hegemony: From Marxism to Cultural Studies Wandering from the Path of Righteousness
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Side Saddle on the Golden Calf An Inclusive Cultural Studies
5 Popular Culture as Postmodern Culture The New Sensibility Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine: The Postmodern Condition Postmodern Hyperconsciousness Back to the Future: Opera Postmodern?
6 Popular Culture as the “Roots” and “Routes” of Cultural Identities Postmodern Identities The Roots of Cultural Identities The Routes of Cultural Identities Mixing Memory and Desire: Dusty Springfield and “The Land of Love” Coda: Performing Identities
7 Popular Culture as Popular or Mass Art Cultural Power When Gravity Fails: An Aesthetics of Popular Culture? Beyond Aesthetic Essentialism
8 Popular Culture as Global Culture Globalization Trading Commodities for Culture in the American Global Village The “Local” as the New Folk Culture
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