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The biography is written, or even a book that for about the life of one person in particular. Youscribe therefore offers you a wide choice of biography of great men like authors, actors, politicians and others. So do not hesitate to discover and browse our biographies directly from this theme.

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Wondering how this author lived? What are the great works of such a musician? when did such a politician die? You will find all the answers to these questions in our biographies of many famous and famous men .

Our biography site allows you to find quality documents, often written by experts in a particular field. Besides, our different PDF biographies are an integral part of our free online encyclopedia . The latter offers documents that tell the life of famous men from the Encylopedia Universalis .

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Several centuries or several millennia later, it is always interesting to know the life of great men : thinkers, philosopher, politicians, sovereigns, artists, scientists, inventors, soldiers, strategists or sportsmen.

It is therefore in this thematic that you should look if you are looking for the biography of an author , that of a politician or that of an actor . Youscribe offers, for example, biographies and the greatest French writers , such as that of Molière or Jean de la Fontaine ( here ).

Biography, an important document

For many class works , such as a dissertation, analysis or commentary, a historical biography can be very important. It will, in fact, make it possible to enrich writing works. So read a quality biography by experts to be sure you have the right information.

Youscribe is therefore the ideal biography site by offering several thousand PDF biographies , biographical books on the lives of the greatest men, for free. So do not hesitate to download and read it to take advantage of the information you will find in it!