Lost in the Long White Cloud
208 Pages

Lost in the Long White Cloud


208 Pages


Lost in the Long White Cloud is both creation story and vision quest of a healer.
Prolific author, David H. Rosen, was the child of creative parents. Free to explore, the sometimes unattended toddler turned into a smart "good boy" with a "bad boy's" energy for funny, sad and scary escapades.
The future author of The Tao of Elvis so successfully impersonated Elvis in junior high, that his gyrations led to "girls, girls, girls" -- and even a marriage proposal from one enamored adolescent's parents!
Rosen's story takes us all over the map. In Greece, David lays awake under the stars with lovely Lolly and decides to become a fisherman. He pays a Parisian prostitute just to listen to her story, which will empower the future Jungian psychiatrist to help a call girl transform herself into a therapist for sexually-abused children. In Denmark, Rosen discovers that the well-provided-for citizens were strangely prone to suicide. Later, Dr Rosen would coin the term "egocide" and publish the magnum opus, Transforming Depression. US propaganda drives David to experience Russia for himself. The ensuing trip is an international "Twist and Shout" dance party in the train aisles!
Lost in the Long White Cloud is a memoir turned cinematic adventure story by the
astonishingly honest, good-hearted and erudite David H. Rosen, MD.



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Published 08 September 2014
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FHBAIIH =HHELA@ 6DEI B=?KJO A>AH M=I CEC J >A CA BH JDA I=A BELAJD FAHE@ E F=HJ BH = I=>>=JE?= E -C=@ I 1 D=@ @A?E@A@ J HAJ DEI DKIA 0A AJ A KIA DEI ?=H =I DA ELA@ JDEHJO EKJAI KJ IE@A B +DHEIJ?DKH?D )BJAH 1 I=E@ C@>OA J KHH=O JDA FHBAI IH J A =HK@ JDA ?EJO =@ KELAHIEJO >KJ CELA O ?@EJE EJ KBHJK=JAO HA=EI = >KH )BJAH JDA JKH DA @HLA KF ,OAHI2=II4=@ LAH JDA IKEJ J /LAHHI *=O 0EI IEN OA=H@ DKIA M=I D=BM=O KF = DE 5F=HIAO BKHEIDA@ MEJDKJ =6 8?FKJAH H E?HM=LA EJ M=I IEFA =@ H=JDAH =IJE? 6DA LEAMI BH = JDA HI =@ JDA EJJA @A? MAHA IFA?J=?K=H )BJAH 1 @HFFA@ DE BB =J JDA =EH FHJ 1 D=@ J BE@ O M=O >=? ,HELEC  JDA ABJ IE@A B JDA H=@ BAJ MHC 1 M=I @=dA@ =@ BAJ IJ /H=@K=O =BJAH IALAH= EIJ=A JKHI 1 CJ >=? J O AM =>@A 5 MDO ?A = JDA M=O J AM bA==@ @M K@AH =@ KFIE@A@Mk *A?=KIA 1 M=JA@ J >A HA=O IJ I 1 ?K@ BE@ O M=O DA 6DA MH@IJBH @ HIA @AHELAI
=@ A=I@EI>=@EC = =HO =MEC A J IJHEA ]= JHK?A MEJD JDA ME@A MH@^ 1 ?=A J JDEI DEIE@A DKIA E H@AH J BE@ =@ =A FA=?A MEJD O JHKA IAB 1 ?=A J ?A?J J = ELEIE>A IFEHEJK= BH?A EIE@A =@ KJIE@A OIAB 6=EI =@ KC\I FIO?DCO >JD LAHO EBKAJE= E O EBA =@ MH B?KI  EJACH=JEC FFIEJAI =I = DA=EC FH?AII J ! M=H@ MDAAII =O>A 1\LA ?A J AM bA==@\I HA HAJA 5KJD 1I=@ ?IA J )J=H?JE?= J HA??EA IAJDEC @AAF MEJDE OIAB 6DEI AEH EI = C@ B=EJD HALEAM B O EBA 1J =I ?J=EI @HA=I =@ ANFAHEA?AI JD=J 1 D=LA HA?H@A@ E lKH=I BH JDA =CA B AECDJAA 1 BBAH KF JDAIA IJHEAI a JD=J IA JEAI IAAA@ J MHEJA A EIJA=@ B JDA JDAH M=O =HK@ a E JDA DFA JD=J JDAO ME >A DAFBK J =@ A>@A JDAHI 1J EI =>KJ O " FAHI= OJD =@ DM O IDHJ EBA BEJI EJ JDA ALLEC J=FAIJHO B DK= IJHEAI 9DEA MHEJEC6DA 0A=EC 5FEHEJ B 0=EK 1 M=I J=A MEJD JDA CAHA BD=E>K FHIA ? >EA@ MEJD D=EK MDE?D EI BJA =>KJ = lKH
# AO 1 JDEI LKA OK ME BE@ JDA BEHIJ F=HJ B O EBAC FECHE=CA 1J D=I JDA I=A JM C=I IFEHEJK= =@ FH=?JE?= JD=J *=ID =EA@ J =??FEID E DEI ?=IIE? D=E>K=HHM 4=@ $ J JDA 1JAHEH 6DA IFEHEJK= C= EI J CA= JDA AIIA?A B O EBA\I lKHAO 6DA FH=?JE?= C= EI J @AI?HE>A A=ECBK ANFAHEA?AI JDA HA FAHI= JDA ANFAHEA?AI JDA >AJJAH >A?=KIA JDA JDAO =HA IJ =H?DAJOF= H KELAHI= 9DO IJ=HJ O =KJ>ECH=FDO =J =CA IENJOk /AF ;==J ?A I=E@ JDEI J DEI IJK@AJ 5A 4IDE ])J JDA =CA B IENJO A EI HA ABBE?EAJ JD= =J BEBJO IALAJO EI HA KIABK JD= IENJO AECDJO EI HA ABBA?JELA JD= IAL % AJO^ 6DEI GKJA EIFEHAI A =C MEJD JDA EBA B O jEME FAJ BHEA@ 4=FD 9@M=H@ MD FK>EIDA@ = > B FAJHO =J JDA =CA B & ' AECDJO  J ELA =J A=IJ =JDAH JMAJO OA=HI 1 AJ ==H= = )AHE?= jEME  = >A?D LAHEC /LAHHI *=O 1 HAJKHA@ J JDA 5KJD 1I=@ @KHEC JDA IKAH B $ )JA=H=MEJAH BH JM HA=II J IAA EB MA MAHA ?F=JE>A =@ J ?JEKA MHEJEC JDEI > 9A ELA@ E = I= DKIA MEJD = M@
' 1
>KHEC IJLA E 2KH=K 1J M=I IEJK=JA@  = LAO GKEAJ >=O lKIJ LAH JDA DE BH ,E=@ 0=H>KH ==H= =@ 1 =HA M =HHEA@ =@ ELA E HAC JDA IJ=JA E JDA 7EJA@ 5J=JAI IJ EA AM bA==@ ,KHEC O =O OA=HI =I = FHBAIIH EJ M=I =JKH= J ID=HA = J B OIAB E O JA=?DEC ==OJE? MH =@ MHEJEC M =I = ]HA?L AHEC =?=@AE?^ 1 >ACE J JA JDA MDA IJHO 9DAHA J IJ=HJk 9DAHA AIA >KJ =J JDA >ACEEC
,=LE@ 0 4IA /LAHHI *=O  2KH=K AM bA==@ +ACA 5J=JE 6AN=I =@ -KCAA HAC
6-5  5AA =AI 9 2AA>=AHFAEC 7F 6DA 0A=EC 2MAH B +BE@EC E JDAHI;H HHM AM '' =AI 9 2AA>=AH-JE ,EI?IKHA =@ 0A=JD,+ )AHE?= 2IO?DCE?= 9=IDECJ )II?E=JE ''# =@ +D=HAI  )@AHI =@ =HE= =?+KH@O A@I9HEJEC  0A=EC 6M=H@ = 1BHA@ 2H=?JE?A7H>== 1 =JE= +K?E B 6A=?DAHI B
-CEID   4A>A??= 5EJ) .EA@ /KE@A J /AJJEC IJ AM ;H 8EEC # ! ,=LE@ 0 4IA6DA 6= B KC 6DA 9=O B 1JACHEJO AM ;H 2ACKE ''% " 2AHI= OJD =I @AI?HE>A@ >O +=H KC EAHEAI ,HA=I 4ABA?JEI AM ;H 2=JDA '$! ELLAI JDA AC JDA ?AJAH B ?I?EKIAII =@ A\I JHKA =KJDAJE? 5AB 1 FAHI= OJD JDA AC EI IA?@=HO J JDA 5AB MDE?D KC ?=A@ JDA1=C ,AEJDA ?AJAH H E=CA B /@ =@ JDA JJ=EJO B JDA FIO?DA # ,=LE@ 0 4IA =@ A 9AEID=KI6DA 0A=EC 5FEHEJ B 0=EK*AHAAO +) HJD )J=JE? *I " ) IA?@ A@EJE EI >AEC FK>EIDA@ >O 4IA>AHHO *I $ =JIK *=ID*=ID\I =HHM 4=@ =HHM 4=@ J JDA 1JAHEH JH=I 0EH=E 5=J *AHAAO +) 5JA *HE@CA 2HAII ''$ & % 5A ==C=M=-@AII 8M 6DA A 2=JD B 5A ==C=M= JH=I =@ A@I j=dK=E 6==D=IDE =@ 5DAHHO +D=O=J *IJ 5D=>D== 2K>E?=JEI ''$ &
& 4=FD 9@M=H@5ELAHBEID  5=JA 2A?EI +DHEIJ?DKH?D AM bA==@ +OCAJ #
. H O CH=@II )E@= =@ *Al=E
6DA JHKJD EI JDA E@AIJ JDEC MA ?= CELA BI E JDA A@ 0)441 -6 *--+0 -4 569 - 6DA 2A=H B HH\I 1I=@  ) 5JHO B JDA +=IJ B =EA