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Map of Faring, A


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A Map of Faring holds three major poetical sequences meditating on particular places: an English wood, a Transylvanian valley, and a house in southern France, as well as poems of places in Austria, Germany, The Czech Republic, Italy, Spain and elsewhere. In these, landscape and encounters become the vocabulary of a personal exploration of senses of time and passage, and the fate of small localities in the spread of global forces. A Map of Faring reckons with acts large and small, that are transforming the world, even as it searches to understand, within that reckoning, the possible regenerative presence of art.



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Published 06 May 2005
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Riley AMap ofFaring Parlor Free VersePress & A Map o Faring
Peter Riley
F V E Series Editor, Jon Tompson
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A Map of Faring
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A Map of Faring
Peter Riley
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Riley, Peter.  A map of Faring / Peter Riley.  p. cm. -- (Free verse editions)  Includes bibliograpical references.  ISBN --- (pbk. : acid-free paper) -- ISBN --6- (ardcover : acid-free paper) -- ISBN --6- (Adobe eBook) .Europe--Poetry. I. Title. II. Series.  PR66.IM7   ’.--dc  
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Acknowledgments T S  C First Sett3 Second Sett23 Coda: 14 Poems37 Te Towns Along te Tisa39 Kalotaszeg40 Te Crowd Yelled out for More41 Pilliszántlaszló42 Frustovento43 Sciele  Stuck in Vienna for Two Weeks Watcing CNN every Nigt45 Room , Früstuckepension Caroline, Gudrunstraße , Wein 46 A Cold Room in Granada47 Terezín48 After Terezín49 Alstonefield, after Dinner50 Across Central Europe51 Am Weiße Roß52 Afterword toTwo Setts and Coda53 Notes54
N P57 Te Nigt Train Arrives at Dawn59 Market Day at Apt60 Fragments at Les Bassacs (arriving)61 Les Bassacs (d)62 Roofwatc63 Aftertougt64 Stubborn Interval65 St-Saturnin, te Ridge66 Meditations in te Fields /–67 Te Walk to Roussillon69 Lines at Nigt /70 Lines at te Pool above St.-Saturnin71 Meditations in te Field /73 Lines at Nigt /74 Lacoste75 Recalling Lacoste (lines at nigt /)76 Escape from Our Uncaring77 Up te Big Hill and Back by Ten78 Counting te Cost (Syllables at Nigt)79 Te Walk Back to Gordes (lines) or Resolution and Interdependence80 Numbers at Les Croagnes81 Just a Song (lines at nigt /)82 Notes on te Attempt to Visit Lorand Gaspar83 Te Slower Walk to Roussillon wit Katy84 Te Telepone Box on te Edge of te Cornfield85 Last Nigt86 Orange to Cartres90 Slow Meditation in te Café-BarLes Caves du Mont Anis, le Puy91 Afterword toNoon Province94 Notes95
Sett One, Sett Two,andCodaave appeared on tree websites: Sett One onMastheadCroggan), (Alison Sett Two onJacket (Jon Tranter),Coda onGreat WorksPilpott). Individual poems (Peter ave appeared inNear Eastern Review,TriQuarterly,Chicago Review,andThe London Review of Books.The Towns Along the Tisaa and prose version ofKalotaszegare included in my book of sketces of Transylvania,The Dance at Mociu,publised by Searsman Books . Te editors publisers and webmasters responsible are warmly tanked. Noon Provincewas publised in a provisional edition of  cop-ies by Poetical Histories (Cambridge) in . It was next publised in a bilingual edition wit translations by Lorand Gaspar and Sara Clair, inNoon Province et autres poèmes,Atelier La Feugraie, Saint-Pierre-la-Vielle (France) 6. A selection of  pieces was included inPassing Measures,Carcanet . A version ofNoon Provincewas presented to Douglas Oliver in-scribed “A reminiscence of Europe for Douglas Oliver, on is depar-ture” in February, .
A Map of Faring