Michael Jackson and Women

Michael Jackson and Women



Michael Jackson's sexuality has always been a controversial issue which often degenerated into a media spectacle, leaving hardly enough space for other aspects to exist.

When he was alive, he was considered either as an androgynous or an homosexual character who could not be attracted to women in any manner whatsoever.

After his death, he became all at once a highly sexy heterosexual object, sometimes described as a womanizer : actresses, singers, supermodels, princesses or mere fans, all claimed that they shared intimate moments with the King of Pop.

This book is an attempt to unravel the truth behind more than three decades of allegations. From his childhood to his death, he avoided doing things like anybody else and his relationships with women were not an exception to the rule. Both intricate and exciting, Michael Jackson's love life has something of an "epic" and often challenges the mere triviality of facts.



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I. Sex and Religion II. Diana III. The Turning Point
IV. Brooke Shields
V. Tatiana Thumbtzen
VI. The Queens of Pop
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VII. Michael Jackson and June Chandler : A Dangerous Love Affair
VIII. Lisa Marie Presley
IX. Debbie Rowe
X. But how many kids has he got ?
XI. Michael Jackson : The Flirt
XII. The Last Years
XIII. Shana Mangatal : Friend, Lover or Stalker?
XIV. Friends Epilogue Appendices
Chapter Two : Dirty Diana
Chapter VII : Michael Jackon / June Chandler's
Chapter VIII : Lisa Marie Presley
Chapter IX : Debbie Rowe Chapter X : But How Many Kids Has He Got? Chapter XIV : Friends XIII : Shana Mangatal Sources
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Michael Jackson's sexuality has always been an issu e much talked about for nearly three decades. Asexual or homosexual, these adjectives were often used by the media to characterize one of the most famous entertainers of the world. Over the years, he became the main target of the press which spent its time spreading the most outrageous and wild rumors about him. Of course, hi s excessive use of plastic surgery may be one of the reasons why people wonder ed if Michael Jackson led a "normal" life. The accusation of child molestatio n in 1993 was the first blow which swept away Michael Jackson's naive belief in innocence and which partly destroyed his public image especially in the United States. Ten years later, the second accusation of child molestation was consider ed by the media and many people as an acknowledgment of guilt. But the verdict at the end of the trial turned into Michael Jackson's advantage and spread confusion in people's minds.
It seems that Michael Jackson's life has always bee n confusing because it has always challenged the mainstream American way of th inking and more generally, the idea of how people should behave through the different stages of their lives. When he was a child, people considered him as an ad ult, a singing dwarf who pretended to be a kid. When an adult, people saw him as a child who never grew up. Between these two conceptions and mostly beyond them, Michael Jackson did not fit in with any of these categories. He did not match with any paradigm given by society. Neither chronological nor linear, Michael Jackson's life has never been a mere juxtaposition of experiences whic h usually enable people to build their identities.
The mere concept of identity was out of keeping with his personal life because he tried to be beyond any kind of dualism as far as race, gender and music are concerned. Neither old nor young, neither man nor w oman, neither colored nor white, his way of life was a transgression in itsel f, a transgression of what is commonly admitted, a transgression which goes beyon d any kind of prejudice. He was at the same time the seeing eye and the sing ing I, the man who goes beyond the mirror. Unique and universal at the same time, he embodied a transcendence of the concept of identity. But it was a dangerous way of exploring the boundaries of life by denying any kind of « belonging ».
Michael Jackson's world is a world of fantasy where identity becomes meaningless, where the relationship between reality and unreality is irrelevant. As a matter of fact, his ranch Neverland explored the imaginary, the desire for something which is impossible. At the same time, hi s multiple physical transformations translate this ideal of undifferentiation, of being oneself and other, seeking unification with the other. His relationships with women were on the same level, an intricate blend of fantasy and desire, le ading to public misunderstanding and condemnation.
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