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Pro(se)letariets documents through memoir, poetry, and fiction a two year conversation held between working class writers in Syracuse, New York, and the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers, United Kingdom, on how class background affected their education and career goals.



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Published 20 June 2017
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the --identities to ensure the îeld recognize and respect language, educational, -focused on the work of NCTE/ --
PRO )PRO(SE)LETARIETS ( SE LETARIETS The Writing of the TransAtlantic Worker Writer Federation
Edited byAudrey Burns, Alicia Landsberg, Evan Smith, and Jesse Uruchima
Working and Writing for Change Edited by Steve Parks and Jess Pauszek
WorkingandWritingforChange Series Editors: Steve Parks & Jess Pauszek
The Working and Writing for Change series began during the 100th an-niversary celebrations of NCTE. It was designed to recognize the collec-tive work of teachers of English, Writing, Composition, and Rhetoric to work within and across diverse identities to ensure the îeld recognize and respect language, educational, political, and social rights of all stu-dents, teachers, and community members. While initially solely focused on the work of NCTE/CCCC Special Interest Groups and Caucuses, the series now includes texts written by individuals in partnership with other communities struggling for social recognition and justice.
Books in the Series CCCC/NCTE Caucuses History of the Black Caucus National Council Teachers of English by Marianna White Davis Listening to Our Elders: Working and Writing for Social Change by Samantha Blackmon, Cristina Kirklighter, and Steve Parks Building a Community, Having a Home: A History of the Conference on College Composition and Communication edited by Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Terese Guinsatao Monberg, K. Hyoejin Yoon Dreams and Nightmares: I Fled Alone to the United States When I Was Fourteen by Liliana Velázquez. Edited and translated by Mark Lyons
Community Publications Pro(se)letariets: The Writing of the Trans-Atlantic Worker Writer Federation, edited by Audrey Burns, Alicia Landsberg, Evan Smith, Jesse Uruchima PHD to PhD: How Education Saved My Life by Elaine Richardson The Weight of My Armor: Creative NonIction and Poetry by the Syracuse Veterans’ Writing Group
PRO(SE)LETARIETS The Writing of the TransAtlantic Worker Writer Federation
Edited by Audrey Burns Alicia Landsberg Evan Smith Jesse Uruchima
Parlor Press Anderson, South Carolina
Parlor Press LLC, Anderson, South Carolina, USA © 2010 New City Community Press Printed in the United States of America on acid-free paper.
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Working and Writing for Change Series Edited by Steve Parks
Cover photograph by Margaret Swift Cover title by Sadie Shorr-Parks Interior design by Elizabeth Parks,
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Section One: Early DaysDeana Cater, The First Day of Third Grade (USA) Lynne Clayton, Untitled (UK) Bruce Barnes, Untitled (UK) Pat Smart, Untitled (UK) Jo Barnes, Scholarship Boy (UK) Lyndi Halpern, Untitled (USA) Virginie Pithon, Untitled (UK)
IntroductionAlicia Landsberg and Audrey Burns
53 58 60 62 64 69
Section Two: Holding On Alonna Berry, Failure to Assimilate (USA) Natalie Pascaralla, Untitled (USA) Svetlana Sagaidak, On the Panopticon (UK) Christine W., Untitled (USA) Vanessa Davis, Untitled (USA) Steve Oakley, No Write to Right (UK)
Insert: Focus on the Transfed Writer Ann Marie Taliercio (USA) by Sharon Clott 39 Nick Pollard (UK) by Mary Gallagher 44 Interview with Nick Pollard 47
11 18 21 23 26 27 35
PrefaceSteve Parks Nicholas Pollard
Insert: Encounters Roy Birch, The Federation of Worker Writers Visit to the USA – November 2006 Victoria Arnold, Syracuse Writers Visit to the UK
Section Three: Working DaysKay Ekevall, Education (UK) David Kent, Priceless (USA) Roxanne Bocyck, A Capitalist Fairy Tale (USA) Danielle Quigley, Server (USA) Pat Dallimore, Mum’s Writing (UK) Vera Beaton, Girls (USA)
Insert: PoliticsBryan McGurk, Restorative Just Us (USA) Roger Mills, Ban Fascism (UK)
Section Four: Future ActionsThe Trans-Atlantic Worker Writer Federation Manifesto
AppendixOriginal Members of Trans-Atlantic Worker Writer Federation
71 76
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102 104
Preface Steve Parks, Syracuse University Nick Pollard, Shefîeld Hallam University Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers Six years ago, in a Syracuse University classroom, three students quietly talked about the lack of working class voices in their classrooms. There was working class “literature” to be sure. But working class voices, actual working class students, seemed rare. In such an environment, they wondered how their experiences of labor, of motherhood, of being working class, could be recognized, validated, or legitimated by the wealthy students around them.
The Trans-Atlantic Worker Writer Federation grew from this moment of alienation. As educators, separated by the Atlantic ocean, but sharing a commitment to working class students, we decided this moment could not be repeated. Working together, we developed a series of courses at Syracuse University focused on working class writing. Each course was linked to a local Syracuse union writing group, the Basement Writers, as well as to the Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers (FWWCP), a national network of similar groups in the United Kingdom that had existed for over 30 years. (To learn more about the FWWCP, seeThe Republic of Letters: Working Class Writing and Local Publishing.)
Working together, students, local writers, FWWCP members shared their experiences and ideas on how a