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In Senior Citizens Writing, renowned teacher and writer W. Ross Winterowd describes in his introduction how writing workshops for seniors not only provide an audience but also give them opportunities for the intellectual growth and engagement that everyone wants and needs. Included in this anthology are new poems, stories, and essays by workshop participants.



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Published 07 January 2007
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ries, explain their philosophies, create îctions, and vent their anger at the injustices they perceive in the nation and the
writing workshops for seniors not only provide an audience but also give them opportunities for the intellectual growth and engagement that everyone wants and needs. Included in
Emeritus, University of Southern California, where he founded
has authored, co-authored, or edited many essays, reviews,
Senior CitizenS Writing Senior Citizens Writing
W. Ro Winterowd WinteroWd
PaRlOR Ess
A Workshop and Anthology, with an Introduction and Guide for Workshop Leaders
Senior Citizens Writing
Also by W. Ross Winterowd
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Senior Citizens Writing
A Worksop and Antology, wit an Introduction and Guide for Worksop Leaders
W. Ross Winterowd
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Witout te support of te Huntington Beac Union Hig Scool District administration and staff, te writing worksops tat I ave been conducting for te last five years would ave been impossible. Dr. Doris Longmead, principle of te Coast Hig Scool and Adult Scool, as been unfailing in er support. Tree members of te scool’s staff ave been in-valuable allies, not only in providing logistical support, but also in supplying me wit good ceer and wise guidance. I look forward to my weekly meetings wit Lynne Bergman, an always reliable and ever-ceerful adjutant; June Stark-Karaba, wose stylisness is ex-ceeded only by er sunny nature and efficiency; and Georgina “Gina” Amparan, wo keeps me on scedule by plugging te gaps in my seventy-six-year-old memo-ry and unfailingly supplying me wit necessities, suc as supplementary materials tat I ave prepared and tat se reproduces. My boss in te worksop endeavor is Caterine Mc-Goug, assistant principal at te scool. For tree de-cades, Caty and I ave been friends and colleagues, working wit te scool district first on “Project Lit-eracy,” a successful effort to improve students’ skills in
Preface written language, and now wit our ongoing work to give senior citizens an audience for teir writing. Ever wit us, sometimes in person but always in spirit, is Norma Winterowd. After suffering a disas-trous stroke in 999, se went on to survive a series of ealt crises, and se still prevails, giving all wo know er te bounty of er love. —W.R.W.
W. Ross Winterowd Introduction: Senior (Citizen) Composition Te Sermon as Cop-Out
Micelle BaranyHomeward (Excerpt) Into te Nigt of Time Rooftops
Robert BaranyA Widow’s Validation Coal Camp Entertainment Mail-Order Bride, et al.
Bud BrowerMorning Tour [pronounced “tower”]
Irene CliffordAndy
Royal L. CraigFising Interstices
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Gerry GoodingGoverning by Direct Democracy Our Cuban Prison Te Sady Spot
Vi HintonVJ Day in Aruba
Mary Jenkins9–9 9–95 95–97 97–90
Paul Sammy LarkinTe Transition—Summer 90— Springfield, MO, to Amory, MS Larkins’ First Rental Home In Amory t 605 7 Avenue Nort, Amory, MS Various Memories
Anna PinterSummer Evenings of My Cildood Going Home Te First House My Dad Built Forgiving Fater
Art WeilandHats My Dad Free Fligt I First Love
55 56 58 6
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Senior Citizens Writing