The Orphanage
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The Orphanage



Though both parents were alive, Richard and his four brothers lived in an orphanage for five years! It was in 1959, five floors of dormitories at fifty children a floor, with nuns’ cells on each floor. Richard recalls that, “as in all concentration-camp systems, daily life is dull and repetitive.” Some get up, make their beds, say their prayers, while others line up for the strap. It’s just routine. Sometimes for some people it’s fun, or at least tolerable. For others, it is unbearable. But this tale does not settle old scores or vent bitterness. It will have you laughing and crying. It is simply the short and moving story of how Richard began the rest of his life.



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Richard Bergeron THE ORPHANAGE An autobiography
   c
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Richard Bergeron
T H E O R P H A N A G E An autobiograpy
   c
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Everything in this book is true… or false.
Telling the difference is not what is expected of childhood memories.
Yet childhood does forge worldview and character, the foundations upon which an adult is built.
Later, and only then, do childhood memories really take shape.
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                          
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