Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology, Volume 24

Advances in Nuclear Science and Technology, Volume 24




Some countries have moved beyond the design and operation of nuclear electricity generating systems to confronting the issue of nuclear waste disposal, whole others are still committed to further nuclear facility construction. Volume 24 chronicles these key developments and examines nuclear reactor accidents at Chernobyl, Bhopal, and TMI. The text also analyzes current international knowledge of neutron interactions; deterministic methods based on mean values for assessing radiation distributions; practical applications of the TIBERE models to explicit computation of leakage terms in realistic reactor geometry; and a technique to deal with the issues of finance, risk assessment, and public perception.



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Published 01 January 1983
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Chernobyl and Bhopal Ten Years on Malcolm C. Grimston 1.Summary 2.A Brief Outline of the Accidents at Chernobyl and Bhopal 3.Causes of the Accidents 4.Consequences of the Accidents 5.Public Perceptions 6.Conclusions
Transport Theory in Discrete Stochastic Mixtures G.C. Pomraning 1.Introduction 2.Mixing Statistics 3.Markovian Mixtures without Scattering 4.Markovian Mixtures with Scattering, Exact Results 5.Markovian Mixtures with Scattering, Loworder Models 6.Markovian Mixtures with Scattering, Highorder Models 7.NonMarkovian Mixtures 8.Concluding Remarks References
The Role of Neural Networks in Reactor Diagnostics and Control Imre Pázsit and Masaharu Kitamura 1.Introduction 2.History and Principles of Artificial Neural Networks 3.Survey of Applications in Reactor Diagnostics and Control 4.Solving Inverse Problems with Neural Networks in Core Noise Diagnostics 5.Case Study: Neutron Noise Diagnostics of Control Rod Vibrations 6.Conclusions References
Data Testing of ENDF/BVI with MCNP: Critical Experiments, ThermalReactor Lattices and TimeofFlight Measurements Russell D. Mosteller, Stephanie C. Frankle, and Phillip G. Young 1.Introduction
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Data Testing: Critical Experiments Data Testing: Thermal Reactor Lattices Effect of ENDF/BVI Release 3 for Data Testing: TimeofFlight Measurements Conclusions and Recommendations Acknowledgements References
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System Dynamics: An Introduction and Applications to the Nuclear Industry
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K.F. Hansen and M.W. Golay Introduction Background Application of System Dynamics to Nuclear Industry Summary References
Theory: Advances and New Models for Neutron Leakage Calculations Ivan Petrovic and Pierre Benoist Introduction Homogeneous Theory Heterogeneous Theory Simplified Heterogeneous Models: TIBERE and TIBERE2 Homogenization by an Equivalence Procedure Some Numerical Comparisons Conclusions References
Current Status of Core Degradation and Melt Progression in Severe LWR Accidents Robert R. Wright 1.Introduction 2.Lessons from the TMI2 Accident 3.Core Degradation 4.Early Phase Melt Progression 5.Late Phase Melt Progression 6.MeltWater Interactions in the Lower Plenum 7.Lower Head Failure 8.Consequences of Reflooding a Severely Degraded Core 9.Conclusions References
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