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In his 2005 bestseller, The Republican War on Science, journalist Chris Mooney made the case that, again and again, even overwhelming scientific consensus has met immovable political obstacles. And, again and again, those obstacles have arisen on the right—from the Bush administration, from coalitions of Republicans and from individually powerful Republicans. As the new paperback edition announces, Mooney’s book, “brings this whole story together for the first time, weaving the disparate strands of the attack on science into a compelling and frightening account of our government’s increasing unwillingness to distinguish between legitimate research and ideologically driven pseudoscience.” Looking for a Fight: Is There a Republican War on Science? started life as a ‘book event’—an online, roundtable-style critical symposium on Mooney’s work, hosted at Crooked Timber (crookedtimber.org). Eight contributors offered reviews, discussion and critical commentary. And Mooney responded to his critics.



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Published 07 September 2006
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over whelming scientiIc consensus has met immovable political
for the Irst time, weaving the disparate strands of the attack on sci-
started life as a ‘book event’—an online, roundtable-style critical symposium on Mooney’s work, hosted at Crooked Tim-). Eight contributors offered reviews, discus-
Now the event is a book, available here in print for the Irst time and
IS THERE A RepublicanWar  OnScience?
respOnses tO chris mOOney
ted barlOw daniel davies henry farrell steve fuller  kieran healy  jOhn hOlbO  tim lambert jOhn quiggin
chris mOOney
aCrOOked Timberbook event
Science and Politics
“Man, you guys worked me hard . . .” —Chris MOOney
From stem cell research to intelligent design to global warming, po litical conflict over science is heating up.
In his 2005 bestseller,The Republican War on Science, jOurnalist Chris MOOney made the case that, again and again, even over whelming scientiIc consensus has met immovable political Obstacles. And, again and again, thOse Obstacles have arisen On the right—frOm the Bush administratiOn, frOm cOalitiOns Of Republicans and frOm individually pOwerful Republicans. As the new paperback editiOn annOunces, MOOney’s bOOk, “brings this whOle stOr y tOgether for the Irst time, weaving the disparate strands of the attack on sci-ence intO a cOmpelling and frightening accOunt Of Our gOvernment’s increasing unwillingness tO distinguish between legitimate research and ideOlOgically driven pseudOscience.”
Looking For A Fight, Is There A Republican War On Science?started life as a ‘bOOk event’—an Online, rOundtable-style critical sympOsium On MOOney’s wOrk, hOsted at CrOOked Timber (crOOkedtimber.Org). Eight cOntributOrs Offered reviews, discus-siOn and critical cOmmentary. And MOOney respOnded tO his critics. Now the event is a book, available here in print for the Irst time and Online (fOr free dOwnlOad atparlOrpress.cOm).
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LOOking FOr a Fight
Is There a Republican
War On Science?
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aCrooked TimberbOOk event
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Chris Mooney’sThe Republican War On Scienceis published by Basic Books (hardback, 2005; paperback 2006). Visit thebook sitefor excerpts, reviews, author information, updates, etc.
This ‘book event’ consisted of a series of posts about Mooney’s book on Crooked Timber (crookedtimber.org). The event was organized by John Quiggin. Readers met author, semi narstyle; still more readers left comments, blogstyle. For this book, the posts have been edited for typos, clarity, style and suitability for a slightly different medium. Page numbers for Mooney’s book have been updated to match the paperback version. A few substantial edits have been made at authors’ discretion. To view the unedited original posts and comments click the links at the end of each entry. The event archive as a whole has a permanent URL:
Paper has been a bit of a puzzle. We have opted to make it typographically clear where links appear in the electronic ver sion. Readers of the paper version who wish to follow links can download the PDF version of the book from Parlor Press, or check the original posts.
John Quiggin j Republican War on Science: Introduction to a Seminar3
Henry Farrell kThe Republican War on Science5
Ted Barlow l War on Science10
John Quiggin mWorldwide War on Science14
Daniel Davies nThe Stars and Stripes Down to Earth23
John Holbo oMooney Minus the Polemic?27
Henry Farrell pWar with the Newts37
Tim Lambert qThe War and the Quarrels42
Steve Fuller rIf There’s a War, Please Direct Me to the Battlefield44
Kieran Healy jiThe Revolution Will Not Be Synthesized74
John Quiggin jj War over Science or War on Science79
Chris Mooney jk Man, You Guys Worked Me Hard . . .82
LOOking FOr a Fight
j Republican War On Science: IntrOductiOn tO a Seminar
John Quiggin
Political conflict over scientific issues has probably never been as sharp as at present. Issues like global warming and stem cell research that came to prominence in the 1990s are being fiercely debated. At the same time, questions that had, appar ently, been resolved long ago, like evolution or the US ban on agricultural use of DDT, are being refought. A striking feature of these debates is that, in nearly all cases (the one big exception being GM foods) the fight lines up the politi cal Right, and particularly the US Republican Party, on one side, and the majority of scientists and scientific organisations on the other. Chris Mooney’s book,The Republican War on Science,is, therefore, a timely contribution to the debate, and we are happy to host a seminar to discuss it, and thank Chris for agreeing to take part. In addition to contributions from five members of CT, we’re very pleased to have two guests participating in the debate. Tim Lambert has been an active participant in the blogospheric version of some of the debates discussed by Chris. Tim, like the CT participants, broadly endorses Chris’ argu ment, though with some disagreement on analytical points and questions of emphasis and presentation. To broaden the