Natural Groundwater Quality

Natural Groundwater Quality


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This text presents a series of thematic chapters together with chapters on representative groundwater systems in Europe which illustrate the main processes and evolution of water quality.

  • Brings together the research of a consortium of leading European scientists who have conducted detailed studies of water quality in Europe
  • Includes a synthesis of findings, highlighting the thematic and regional results, with recommendations regarding aquifer evaluation, indicators, monitoring, and drinking water standards
  • Creates a key reference work on natural water quality of aquifers, at a time when the Groundwater Directive (GD) will shortly be brought in to supplement The European Water Framework Directive (WFD) to ensure good status of groundwater



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Published 26 January 2009
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List of Contributors, vii
Foreword, xi
Preface, xv
 1 Groundwater Baseline Quality, 1 W. M. Edmunds and P. Shand
 2 The Baseline Inorganic Chemistry of European Groundwaters, 22 P. Shand and W. M. Edmunds
 3 Organic Quality of Groundwaters, 59 D. C. Gooddy and K. Hinsby
 4 Geochemical Modelling of Processes Controlling Baseline Compositions of Groundwater, 71 D. Postma, C. Kjøller, M. Søgaard Andersen, M. T. Condesso de Melo and I. Gaus
5A Timescales and Tracers, 91 R. Purtschert
5B Dating Examples in European Reference Aquifers, 109 R. Purtschert, J. Corcho-Alvarado and H. H. Loosli
 6 Identifying and Interpreting Baseline Trends, 131 M. Van Camp and K. Walraevens
 7 Monitoring and Characterisation of Natural Groundwater Quality, 155 M. T. Condesso de Melo, E. Custodio, W. M. Edmunds and H. Loosli
 8 Natural Groundwater Quality: Policy Considerations and European Opinion, 178 E. Custodio, P. Nieto and M. Manzano
 9 The Chalk Aquifer of Dorset, UK, 195 W. M. Edmunds and P. Shand
Groundwater Baseline Composition and Geochemical Controls in the Doñana Aquifer System, SW Spain, 216 M. Manzano, E. Custodio, M. Iglesias and E. Lozano
The Aveiro Quaternary and Cretaceous Aquifers, Portugal, 233 M. T. Condesso de Melo and M. A. Marques da Silva
The Neogene Aquifer, Flanders, Belgium, 263 M. Coetsiers and K. Walraevens
The Miocene Aquifer of Valréas, France, 287 F. Huneau and Y. Travi
The Miocene Sand Aquifers, Jutland, Denmark, 306 K. Hinsby and E. Skovbjerg Rasmussen
Tracer Based Study of the Badenian Bogucice Sands Aquifer, Poland, 335 S. Witczak, A. Zuber, E. Kmiecik, J. Kania, J. Szczepanska and K. Rozanski
The Cambrian-Vendian Aquifer, Estonia, 353 R. Vaikmäe, E. Kaup, A. Marandi, V. Raidla and L. Vallner
The Cenomanian and Turonian Aquifers of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin, Czech Republic, 372 T. Paces, J. A. Corcho Alvarado, Z. Herrmann, V. Kodes, J. Muzak , J. Novák, R. Purtschert, D. Remenarova and J. Valecka
Quality Status of the Upper Thracian Plio-Quaternary Aquifer, South Bulgaria, 391 M. Machkova, B. Velikov, D. Dimitrov, N. Neykov and P. Neytchev
The Mean Sea Level Aquifer, Malta and Gozo, 404 J. Mangion and M. Sapiano
The Natural Inorganic Chemical Quality of Crystalline Bedrock Groundwaters of Norway, 421 B. Frengstad and D. Banks
Natural Groundwater Quality – Summary and Signi;cance for Water Resources Management, 441 W. M. Edmunds and P. Shand
Index, 463