Polyoxometalate Chemistry: From Topology via Self-Assembly to Applications

Polyoxometalate Chemistry: From Topology via Self-Assembly to Applications




An authoritative up-to-date summary of the chemistry and applications of polyoxometalates with emphasis on new synthetic strategies directed towards functionalized organic derivatives, self-assembly of mesoscopic composite polyoxoanions, generation of framework materials and thin oxide films, extended optical, magnetic, and electrical properties, applications in homogeneous and nanocluster-based catalysts, photocatalytic water decontamination, ribosomal crystallography, and topological aspects of large symmetrical structures.



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Published 01 January 2001
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Table of Contents
Introduction to Polyoxometalate Chemistry: From Topology via SelfAssembly to Applications M. T. Pope and A. Müller
Synthetic Strategies
Rational Approaches to Polyoxometalate Synthesis R. J. Errington Functionalization of Polyoxometalates: Achievements and Perspectives A. Proust and R. Villanneau From the First Sulfurated Keggin Anion to a New Class of Compounds Based on the Building Block E. Cadot, B. Salignac, A. Dolbecq, and F. Sécheresse Organometallic Oxometal Clusters A. Proust, R. Villanneau, R. Delmont, V. Artero, and P. Gouzerh
Structures: Molecular and Electronic
Spherical (Icosahedral) Objects in Nature and Deliberately Constructable Molecular Keplerates: Structural and Topological Aspects69 O. Delgado, A. Dress, and A. Müller Syntheses and Crystal Structure Studies ofNovel Selenium and Tellurium Substituted Lacunary Polyoxometalates89 B. Krebs, E. Droste, and M. Piepenbrink Vibrational Spectroscopy of Heteropoly Acids101 H. Ratajczak, A.J. Barnes, H.D. Lutz, A. Müller, and M.T. Pope BondStretch Isomerism in Polyoxometalates?117 M.M. Rohmer, M. Benard, E. Cadot, and F. Secheresse QuantumChemical Studies of Electron Transfer in TransitionMetal Substituted Polyoxometalates135 S.A. Borshch and H. Duclusaud
Solution Equilibria and Dynamics
10.Aqueous Peroxoisopolyoxometalates145 O. W. Howarth, L. Pettersson, and I. Andersson 11.Molybdate Speciation in Systems Related to the Bleaching ofKraft Pulp161 F. Taube, I. Andersson, and L. Pettersson
12. NMR Studies of Various Ligands Coordinated to Paramagnetic Polyoxometalates B. A.Kim andH. So
From Discrete Clusters to Networks and Materials
13.to in theMolecular Aspect of Energy Transfer from Polyoxometalate Lattices: An Approach for Molecular Design of RareEarth MetalOxide Phosphors187 T. Yamase 14.Conducting and Magnetic Organic / Inorganic Molecular Materials Based on Polyoxometalates205 L. Ouahab, S. Golhen, and S. Triki 15.Molecular Materials From Polyoxometalates231 J.J. BorrásAlmenar, J.M. ClementeJuan, M. ClementeLeón, E. Coronado, J.R. GalánMascarós, and C.J. GómezGarcía 16.Framework Materials Composed of Transition Metal Oxide Clusters255 M.I. Khan 17.Perspectives in the Solid State Coordination Chemistry of the Molybdenum Oxides269 P.J. Hagrman, D. Hagrman, andJ. Zubieta 18.Polyoxometalate Clusters in a Supramolecular SelfOrganized Environment: Steps Towards Functional Nanodevices and Thin Film Applications301 D.G. Kurth and D. Volkmer 19.Polyoxometalate Chemistry: A Source for Unusual Spin Topologies319 D. Gatteschi, R. Sessoli, A. Müller, and P. Kögerler 20.Heteropolyanions: Molecular Building Blocks for Ultrathin Oxide Films329 J.D. Powell, A.A. Gewirth, and W. G. Klemperer
Applications : Catalysis, Biological Systems, Environmental Studies
21.Selective Oxidation of Hydrocarbons with Hydrogen Peroxide Catalyzed by Ironsubstituted Silicotungstates N. Mizuno 22.Aerobic Oxidations Catalyzed by Polyoxometalates A.M. Khenkin, R. BenDaniel, A. Rosenberger, I. Vigdergauz, and R. Neumann
23.Polyoxoanions in Catalysis: From Record Catalytic Lifetime Nanocluster Catalysis to Record Catalytic Lifetime Catechol Dioxygenase Catalysis R.G. Finke 24.Ribosomal Crystallography and Heteropolytungstates D. Janell, A. Tocilj, I. Kölln, F. Schlünzen, M. Glühmann, H.A.S. Hansen, J. Harms, A. Bashan, I. Agmon, H. Bartels, M. Kessler, S. Weinstein, F. Franceshi, and A. Yonath 25.Photocatalytic Decontamination by Polyoxometalates A. Hiskia, E. Androulaki, A. Mylonas, A. Troupis, and E. Papaconstantinou