The Hard Ticks of the World

The Hard Ticks of the World


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This book has been designed to summarize current, essential information for every one of the world’s 700+ hard tick species.  Under each species name, we will cite the original description, followed by information on type depositories, known stages, distribution (by zoogeographic region and ecoregion), hosts, and human infestation (if any).  Each species account will also include a list of salient references and, where necessary, remarks on systematic status.  We envision eight chapters: six devoted to the major ixodid tick genera (Amblyomma, Dermacentor, Haemaphysalis, Hyalomma, Ixodes, Rhipicephalus), one covering eight minor genera (including two that are fossil), and a concluding summary chapter.  There will be two tables on host associations and zoogeography in each major genus chapter, as well as five tables in the summary chapter, for a total of 17 tables.  No similar synopsis of the world’s hard tick species exists in any language.?



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Published 21 November 2013
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The Hard Ticks of the World