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Answers From The Akashic Records Vol 4


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In this book, the questions are on Past Life Memories, Cloning, US Politics, World Politics, the Best Way to Pray, Light Codes, Sun Gazing, Negative Thoughts, Brain Power, Torture, Free Energy, Cremation vs Burial, Higher Consciousness, and more! Some of the profound statements from this book are: God/Source has no judgment around suicide, Sometimes our greatest soul victories are achieved during our darkest hours, Every lifetime provides unlimited opportunities for love and forgiveness, and Your ego is suspended when your I AM presence is invited into your body.
In Volume 3 of the Answers From The Akashic Records series, the topics were all about: Cloning, Cremation, Economies & Events, Past Lives, Prayer, Portals, Light Codes, Torture, Sun Gazing, etc.
In Vol 5, we will explore Consciousness, The 5th Dimension, Chemtrails, The Death Urge, Coming Events, Positive & Negative Thoughts, The Fall, Ayhuasca, Family Beliefs, Living Longer, Evil People, Disaster Areas, Reptilian Hybrids, Remote Viewing, Multiple Sclerosis, Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, Dark Matter, Islam, Homosexuality, Solar Flares, Dolphin Slaughter, and more!
Edgar Cayce introduced us to the Akashic Records, and since late 2009 world-renowned authors, speakers, radio hosts and teachers Aingeal Rose (USA) and AHONU (Ireland) have been getting answers from the Akashic Records to these big questions about healing, life after death, religion, science, UFOs, GMOs, EMFs, relationships, soul contracts, world economies and countless other topics. This series publishes all the answers for the first time.
If you’ve ever asked yourself "who am I?" or "why am I here?", or wanted to know was Jesus married, do animals have souls, or are ETs real, then you are in the right place! This series is written so that you can have answers to all these questions and more. Look for all 100 volumes in the "Answers From The Akashic Records" series.



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Published 23 December 2016
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