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Answers From The Akashic Records Vol 9


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In this book 9 of 100 in the Answers From The Akashic Records Series, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu explore Angels & Archangels, The Mind of God, Crystals, The Dream State, Advanced Beings, Our Rishic Selves, White Light, The Bermuda Triangle, Killing Plants and Animals, Drugs, The Birds & The Bees, Crop Circle Essences, The Sexual Act, Divorce, Curses & Spells, Incarnation, Life on Other Planets, Planets & Souls, Psychic Laser Therapy, and more!
Some profound statements in this volume are, "A divorce happens when there is an unwillingness to make love the focus of the relationship", "Love is a conscious, creative and ongoing decision", "We are more than a part of God, we are the Mind of God", "The Mind of God is pure love", and, "Some curses and spells can be inherited through generations".
In the previous book, Vol 8, Aingeal Rose & Ahonu explained Atlantis, Channeling, Enlightenment, Karma, Law of Attraction, Religions, Suicide, Star Trek, Nicola Tesla & more.
In Vol 10, the topics will be about: The Brain, Cloning, Consciousness, Education, Evolution, the Mind, Reincarnation, Robots, Walk-ins & more.
About Aingeal Rose & Ahonu
Aingeal Rose (USA) & Ahonu (Ireland) are a twin flame couple who devote their lives to helping you grow in spiritual awareness in an awakening world. Through their books, online Akashic Record sessions, podcasts, workshops, retreats and private/business consulting; they have empowered thousands of people worldwide.
Drawing on over 60 years of combined experience in self-mastery and personal empowerment, they bring practical spirituality into a fast changing world so you can find it easier to live, love and grow. Aingeal Rose & Ahonu are ordained ministers in the non-denominational Alliance of Divine Love Ministry and bring that devotion into everything they do.



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Published 03 February 2017
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