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Birth Earth Our Future


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Knowledge exists telling us our journey from conception, gestation to birth defines and patterns our whole adult life. At birth we are already who we are to be, with our character and personality. Our only sin is ignorance of how our womb environment affects our lifelong relationship with others and the planet. We have the means to change this. In her continuing series Healing Birth to Save the Planet, Shirley Ward details the conception, gestation and birth of the Universe, planet, ecosystem and humankind; and how education needs to change to accomplish the universal mind set across the globe. We are all one and a profound shift will occur when humankind realises that each one of us is an integral part of nature and the planet. Every idea, event, catastrophe or healing is conceived, gestated and birthed. The universe is in us and we are in the universe, each one affecting the other. It is imperative that humankind takes on the responsibility of birthing practices to produce strong, courageous, determined committed babies, children and adults with a passion and vision to save the planet from destruction. This will be a new species of human beings to control climate change, minister to a healthy planet and strengthen humankind in new ways of living. A human race to be proud of and one that understands that conception, gestation and birth are fractal patterns of everything we do or say. We have an almighty task ahead of us. Wake up – to a wondrous, challenging adventure!



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Published 25 April 2020
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