Compost Makes the Strawberries Grow
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Compost Makes the Strawberries Grow



Countless "how-to" parenting books are on the market. Why yet another? Author Lolita L. Jardeleza relates that after many years of parenting, it suddenly dawned on her that a mother's primary function is to help her children discover just how wonderful they are. She also took on the task of sharing her story at the behest of her eleven children, who are now parents themselves and want to cherish their children just as they were cherished.
Compost Makes the Strawberries Grow is not all saccharine and sweetness; it gets down to the brass tacks of everyday family living. The author tackles a wide range of real-life issues with all the honesty, heart, and humor of Erma Bombeck. The issues she deals with include sibling power, fighting the good fight, honesty, being kind to others, obedience, values, and cultural literacy. This is a book that treats parenting with gratitude and grace.



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Published 30 September 2020
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Resource Publications A division of Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Compost Makes the Strawberries Grow A mother’s celebration of parenting, its challenges, humor and rewards. By Jardeleza, Lolita L. Copyright © by Jardeleza, Lolita L. All rights reserved. Softcover ISBN-13: 978-1-7252-7015-2 Hardcover ISBN-13: 978-1-7252-7017-6 eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-7252-7016-9 Publication date 2/21/2020 Previously published by Giraffe Books
Wît îmmense love and deepest gratîtude
to God and Papa wo made me a moter
and to our beloved cîldren: Crîssy, Bîm, Jack, Nînî, Mecky, Tom, Joe, Annîe, Mary, Cîp and Rob wo taugt me eveytîng I know about parentîng, especîally ow to enjoy ît
and to our beautîful cîldren: Jon, Bob, Terry, Jîm, Pîl Jeannîe, heresa, Andy, Brîdget and Bet wo ave greatly încreased te beauty în our lîves.
and to teîr încredîble cîldren: Carlîe, Racel, Amy, Andrew and Eddîe Gallager Jeremîa, Elîzabet, Cody and Casey Jones Emîly, Nîck, Crîstoper & Steve Jardeleza Jen, Jes, Jîmbo, Josua, Katîe, Jake, Joe, Rîco and Jack Hansbroug Logan, Cody and Mac Raum Connor, Cameron, Caleb and Justîn Jardeleza Sara, Ben, Lîsa and Mattew Jardeleza Danîel, Colîn and Lîam Jonstone LeîgAnn, Blaîse and Tîegan McGuîre Darby, Kîllîan and Braeden Jardeleza Madeleîne, Lîbby, Bîlly and Luke Jardeleza wo are teacîng me te fun of grandparentîng!
and my beautîful grandcîldren:
Sandra, Rîcard, Evan, Cecy, Ben, Andy, Mîke, Julîe, Jîll, Courtney, Crîs, Mîranda, Ian, Em-e, Patrîck, Erîca, Galex, Marcîe, Taylor C.J., Eva, and Aaron wo furter încreased te beauty we so enjoy!
and our magnîicent great-grands: Alex; Annabella & Marcus, Leîla & Cloe, Anastasîa & Elîas; Addîe, Ester & Asa, Josîe; Lîly & Luke, Jett & Ruby, Evîe; Mîcaela & Wîll, Lolo & Jakey, Gus, Maggîe, Luna, Obadîa & Fînn, Grace, Josua, Max & Bennett, Sopîa; Gavîn, heo & Domînîc; Duncan, Talîa & Sonja, Maya; Harper
and beautîful great-grand—Jenna wo are te cerrîes on tîs greatgrandmoter’s sundae!