Cracking the Boy Code
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Cracking the Boy Code


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101 Pages

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Learn the secret language of boys and how to reconnect

  • Adam Cox is an author, speaker and clinical psychologist with twenty years of experience treating school-age boys, and has had hundreds of consultations with schools and child-focused organizations worldwide.
  • A frequent lecturer on the emotional and cognitive development of youth, Cox was commissioned to conduct a global school-based research project to investigate how young people find authentic meaning and purpose in their lives.
  • Cracking the Boy Code offers parents, educators, and coaches clear methods for initiating and sustaining successful communication with boys and young men.
  • Given the challenges affecting contemporary boys, an immediate reset in how we approach them is needed, and Cracking the Boy Code speaks to the widespread, understandable concern with preparing boys to become good men.
  • The book is a blueprint of positive, strategic actions that demonstrate what it means to raise and teach boys effectively.
  • Some key questions that will be addressed include: What motivates boys? What are their priorities, and how do their core beliefs shape how they communicate? How can we help them to listen better? How do we get through their defenses?
  • Communication is a means to an important end: instilling love, confidence, and effort toward goals that reflect the boy's own values and ideals
  • The book concludes with a discussion of themes that are of great interest and importance to boys, as supported by the author's clinical work and research interviews.
  • This book will be particularly compelling to parents who have sons who are shy, quiet, and hard to reach " boys who may appear evasive or inarticulate.

Intended audience:

This book is for general readers who are parents (or grandparents), educators, school staff, school psychologists, therapists, learning aides, coaches, and youth workers " anyone with a boy or young man to raise, teach, or mentor. It will also be for those with an interest in psychology, education, or gender issues. Often the reader of this book will be a mother who buys the book about her son, and finds that much of it applies to her partner, as well.

Parents, educators, educational and youth consultants, mental health professionals coaches, leaders of youth organizations, academic faculty, researchers.

International Market

Author was commissioned by The international Boys' School Coalition to conduct a global school-based research project on how boys find authentic meaning and purpose in their lives. He interviewed students from the UK, Singapore, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The author was the scholar in residence at the Sydney, Australia Church of England Grammar School and has lectured in Johannesburg, South Africa, London UK, New Zealand and Singapore.

Learn the secret language of boys and how to reconnect

All too quickly, talkative, affectionate young boys seem to slip away. Adolescents may be transformed overnight into reclusive, seemingly impenetrable young people who open up only to their friends and spend more time on devices than with family. How do you penetrate this shell before they are lost to you?

Drawing on decades of experience garnered through thousands of hours of therapy with boys, Cracking the Boy Code explains how the key to communicating with boys is understanding their universal psychological needs and using specific, straightforward communication techniques. Coverage includes:

  • Why it's important to understand the psychological needs of boys
  • How to talk to be heard, and listen to understand
  • The crucial role of non-verbal cues
  • Learning the universal tone that helps boys listen
  • Motivating boys to become their authentic selves
  • Using purposeful work to teach boys self-respect and confidence
  • Reducing stress and creating greater closeness between boys and caregivers.

Essential reading for parents, caregivers, teachers, youth workers, coaches, and others who want to make a real connection with the boys in their lives.


Part I: Strategies and Techniques for Talking
Chapter 1: What Is Good Communication?
Chapter 2: Is He Hearing You?
Chapter 3: What's He Thinking?
Chapter 4: Great Beginnings
Chapter 5: Vocal Tone and Eye Contact

Part II: Deepening the Conversation
Chapter 6: Authenticity - Helping Boys Become Themselves
Chapter 7: Boys and Work
Chapter 8: Keys to Motivation
Chapter 9: Therapy with Boys

Appendix: Fifty Purposeful Work Ideas
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