Facing the Climate Emergency
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Facing the Climate Emergency


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94 Pages

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Face the truth of climate change, accept your fears, and become the hero that humanity needs.

  • Salamon initiated the global political movement to acknowledge the climate emergency through her organization, The Climate Mobilization.
  • In 15 countries, over 1000 jurisdictions have declared a climate emergency; 25 of these are in the US.
  • Populations covered by jurisdictions that have declared a climate emergency amount to 121 million citizens. See complete list here: https://climateemergencydeclaration.org/climate-emergency-declarations-cover-15-million-citizens/
  • Salamon is a graduate of Harvard University with a PhD from Adelphi University in clinical psychology.
  • Salamon is a respected influencer with a wide range of contacts including Extinction Rebellion, 350.org. and other climate change groups.
  • Extensive social media platform: Facebook @TheClimateMobilzation over 19K followers Twitter @mobilizeclimate 5,500, @climatepsych 3,500, mailing list to 14,000 followers
  • This is a radical self-help book that will help the reader face fears about climate change.
  • Author's book has been featured in the New Yorker March 6, 2019; New York Magazine; The Current on CBC.
  • Combines elements of psychology, self-help, memoir, and social movements
  • Shares Salamon's personal story of a radical transformation in the face of climate catastrophe
  • Specific to help the reader use feelings to transform themselves and motivate collective change
  • Differs from other books because it
    • combines facing climate facts with tenets of psychological theory
    • investigates the psychology of denial and pluralistic ignorance
    • provides specific information about the climate emergency movement
    • has elements of memoir
    • gives lessons for best practices coaching and how to turn feelings of pain, grief, and anger into action
    • enables readers to become effective change agents
  • Includes recommendations for further reading
    • Questions for self-reflection
    • Exercises to complete with like-minded groups
  • Accessible and non-academic
  • Endorsements: Salamon's foundation is forging relationships with Greta Thunberg, activist; Adam McKay, director; Daniel Pinchbeck, author, Breaking Open the Head; Anya Kamenetz, author, The Art of Screen Time; and Genevieve Guenther, founder, EndClimateSilence.org.

At the time of writing, these locations in the US have declared a climate emergency:
Almeda, CA
Ann Arbor, MI
Berkeley, CA
Chico, CA
Crystal Bay, MN
Davis, CA
Duluth, MN
Fairfax, CA
Hayward, CA
Hoboken, NJ
Los Angeles, CA
Manhasset, NY
Marin County, CA
Montgomery County, MD
Napa, CA
New Britain, CT
New Haven, CT
New York City, NY
Oakland, CA
Outer Cape Cod, MA
Palo Alto, CA
Petaluma, CA
Philadelphia, PA
Sacramento, CA
San Diego, CA
San Francisco, City and Region, CA
Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Cruz, City and County, CA
Sonoma County, CA

Audience: Anyone concerned about climate change, including those unable to act or in denial, climate change activists looking for better ways to initiate change, anyone feeling anxiety about the future

NYC – Network includes approximately 75 leading climate influencers
California – Focus for The Climate Mobilization work
Washington, DC – Centre for climate professionals, about 40 personal connections there
Cambridge and Boston – Salamon went to school there and is still active in the climate change community
Philadelphia – Salamon's in-laws live there and have extensive network through Green Building Council
Ann Arbor – Salamon s hometown and parents home
Hawaii – Where the book was written

International: Salamon works with Extinction Rebellion based in the UK
Australia/New Zealand – Climate Emergency is well-known; Salamon has good connections in Melbourne specifically
Sweden and Germany – Very active in the climate emergency movement

Canada – 435 governments in Canada have declared a climate emergency
Complete list: https://climateemergencydeclaration.org/climate-emergency-declarations-cover-15-million-citizens
Quebec has more climate emergency declarations than any other province or state in the US
Vancouver – Salamon is connected to Seth Klein (Naomi Klein's brother) and Christine Boyle, Vancouver city councilor

Face the truth of climate change, accept your fears, and become the hero that humanity needs.

Facing the Climate Emergency gives people the tools to confront the climate emergency, face their negative emotions, and channel them into protecting humanity and the natural world.

As the climate crisis accelerates toward the collapse of civilization and the natural world, people everywhere are feeling deep pain about ecological destruction and their role in it. Yet we are often paralyzed by fear. Help is at hand.

Drawing on facts about the climate, tenets of psychological theory, information about the climate emergency movement and elements of memoir, Facing the Climate Emergency includes:

  • How to face the climate crisis and accept your fears, anger, grief, guilt, and other emotions
  • Turning negative feelings into tangible action to respond to the crisis
  • Rising to heroism, becoming a "climate warrior," and maximizing your impact by joining the Climate Emergency Movement
  • Support, including further reading, questions for self-reflection, and exercises to complete with like-minded groups

Written for the suffering multitudes struggling to cope and looking for answers, Facing the Climate Emergency provides the motivation, guidance, and support needed to leave "normal" behind and travel the path of the climate warrior, rising to the challenge of our time.

Margaret Klein Salamon, PhD, is a clinical psychologist turned climate warrior and founder of The Climate Mobilization, which pioneered the internationally recognized Climate Emergency Declaration campaign. She lives in Brooklyn, NY. www.theclimatemobilization.org

Molly Gage, PhD, is a book developer committed to women-authored nonfiction books that push forward progressive ideas and elevate the voices of the women who think them.


Step One: Face Climate Truth
Step Two: Welcome Fear, Grief, and Other Painful Feelings
Step Three: Reimagine Your Life Story
Step Four: Understand and Enter Emergency Mode
Step Five: Join the Climate Emergency Movement

Conclusion: Live as a Climate Warrior
Additional Resources: Continue Your Journey
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