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<P>In this ground-breaking study, Aaron Devor provides a compassionate, intimate, and incisive look at the life experiences of forty-five trans men. Emerging into 21st-century political and social conversations, questions persist. Who are they? How do they come to know themselves as men? What do they do about it? How do their families respond? Who are their lovers? What does it mean for everyone else? To answer these and other questions, Devor spent years compiling in-depth interviews and researching the lives of transsexual and transgender people. Here, he traces the everyday and significant events that coalesce into trans identities, culminating in gender and sex transformations. Using trans men’s own words as illustrations, Devor looks at how childhood, adolescence, and adult experiences with family members, peers, and lovers work to shape and clarify their images of themselves as men. With a new introduction, Devor positions the volume in twenty-first century debates of identity politics and community-building and provides a window into his own self-exploration as a result of his research.</P>
<P>Foreword, 2016 / by Jamison Green<BR>Foreword, 1997 / by Jamison Green<BR>Acknowledgements<BR>New Introduction<BR>Original Introduction<BR>Part I: First Questions<BR>1. Have Female-to-Male Transsexuals Always Existed?<BR>2. Theories about Transsexualism<BR>Part II: Childhood Years<BR>3. Finding Out about Gender: Theories of Childhood Gender Acquisition<BR>4. Family Scenes<BR>5. Who Would Want to Be a Girl?: The Women (and Girls) in Participants’ Families<BR>6. Men Rule: The Men (and Boys) in Participants’ Families<BR>7. Lessons Learned at Home: Summary of Family Relationships<BR>8. Childhood Friends and Foes: Relationships with Non-Family Members<BR>Part III: Adolescence<BR>9. Adolescence Is about Change<BR>10. Crises at Puberty<BR>11. Adolescent Friendships<BR>12. Women Are Different: Relationships with Female Relatives<BR>13. Access Denied, Restrictions Apply: Relationship with Male Relatives<BR>14. Looking for Love, Groping for Identity: Adolescent Sexuality<BR>15. Concluding Adolescence<BR>Part IV: Pre-Transition Years<BR>16. Finding Identities<BR>Part V: Changing Over<BR>17. A Long Road<BR>18. Making the Decision<BR>19. Making the Changes<BR>20. Coming Out Stories<BR>21. Are We There Yet?<BR>Part VI: Life after Transition<BR>22. Nature Calls: Toilet Traumas and Medical Necessities<BR>23. The Naked Truth about Sexuality<BR>24. Visions of Genders<BR>25. Lessons from the Journey<BR>Part: VII: Concluding<BR>26. Conclusions and Questions<BR>Appendix<BR>Notes<BR>Bibliography<BR>Subject Index<BR>Participant Index</P>



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Published 29 August 2016
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