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Greening Your Boat


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When you think of vehicles and pollution, you probably think of cars and trucks. You may not think much about how leisure time on the water could be contaminating the planet, but your boat could be doing just that. Luckily, your boat and your boating adventures can be made more environmentally friendly with a little bit of time and effort.
As Greening Your Boat shows, you can protect our waters and shores with a few easy steps. Author Ben van Drimmelen provides tips to cruise our oceans, lakes, and rivers with the environment top of mind. The changes you can make to your boat and your actions are simple and need not be expensive; they are mostly about making better choices and being aware of how what you do impacts the environment.
This book offers affordable, practical advice to boat owners on best practices for keeping a more sustainable and environmentally efficient vessel. From choosing the best kind of fuel; handling waste management, recycling, and composting on board; picking the most environmentally friendly paints and cleaners; and thinking about how you can make a difference when you’re on land or by educating fellow boaters, the entire planet will benefit when you make one or all of the changes outlined in this book.
Greening Your Boat guides new and experienced boaters alike on how to maintain a stronger standard of eco-friendliness on the water.
Preface xi
1 The Issue 1
2 Greening Our Fuels and Fluids:
Belay That Bilge 7
1. What Can Get into the Water? 9
2. Minimizing Fuel Spillage 10
3. Detergents 11
4. Alternative Fuels 11
5. Other Bilge Fluids 12
6. Boat Maintenance 13
7. Impacts of Engine Types 14
8. Winterizing Your Boat 15
vi Greening Your Boat
3 Greening Our Paints and Cleaners:
“Chore” Leave 17
1. Cleaning and Painting the Bottom:
One Hull of a Problem 19
2. Topsides: Clearing (and Cleaning) the Decks 23
4 Greening Our Waste Disposal 27
1. Shrink-wrap versus Canvas 29
2. Sewage 29
3. Garbage 31
5 Greening Our Galleys: Altering
(Food) Courses 33
1. Dealing with Packaging Waste 35
2. Sustainable Seafood 35
3. Gray Water and Dish Soaps 36
4. Kitchen Scraps 37
6 Greening Our Operations 39
1. Erosion: Taking Wake Control 41
2. Anchoring: Oh Buoy 42
3. Waterways 43
4. Avoiding Sensitive Spots: Standing Off 44
5. Wildlife Considerations 45
6. Ecological Reserves 47
7. Exotic Species: There Be Stowaways 47
7 Greening Our Marinas:
It’s “Aboat” Time 49
8 Greening the Uplands:
Shore-Based Issues 55
9 Greening Our Neighbors:
Leading by Example 61
Contents vii
10 Greening the End: Derelict Disposal 67
Appendix I:
Organizations That Can Help You 73
Appendix II:
Boat Greening Checklist 81



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Published 30 April 2015
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