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Gypsy Rickwood's Fortune Telling Book


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This intriguing book on the mystic art of fortune telling was first published in the 1920s, and is very scarce in its first edition. OBSCURE BOOKS PRESS has now re-published it using the original text. Gypsy Rickwood wrote this book "for the English speaking public in the hope that would give good counsel to many, and some amusement to those who regard it simply as a game." His method is a very old one, practiced by wandering tribes of gypsies long before it was ever set down roughly on paper, and the answers to the questions have been slightly modernized by the original translator. One hundred and twenty five pages are divided into the fifty four questions which a fortune teller is most likely to be asked. These are almost always on four main subjects: - Concerning Life. - Concerning Love. - Concerning Chance. - The Last Lap. (Old age and the distant Future.) The gypsy's reply depends upon a turn of the card, with some 3000 answers listed in the book. The author emphasises that the accuracy of the answers depends largely on the sincerity of the questioner. If questions of an unsuitable nature are asked, the answers should be given in the same frivolous vein! This is a most entertaining little book which will prove both a source of amusement to some and thought provoking to others. "From the truth to a lie is but a hands-breadth." Romany Proverb.



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Published 17 September 2020
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