i-Minds - 2nd edition
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i-Minds - 2nd edition


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359 Pages

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An entertaining, scientifically rigorous exploration of the social and biological effects of our wireless world

  • In 2018 the World Health Organization included video gaming addiction as a mental health disorder
  • This book provides clear scientific proof to back up what we've all been suspecting: we're all subjects in a massive experiment to see what "i-Technology" (video games, social media, cell phones, and a host of other screen-based devices) will do to our brains
  • The evidence is in, and it's frightening
  • i-Minds explains what the dangers are and provides simple, positive steps we can all take to embrace technology while avoiding harmful effects
  • The first edition of i-Minds sold 350
  • France will ban Cell phones in primary, elementary and highschool effective September 2018 due to the disruption they cause in class and to encourage children to socialize at break times.

This edition contains 50% new material including:

  • an extensive chapter on the shifts in gaming (the introduction of an entirely new industry of esports)
  • a chapter/section on the imperatives of children learning from nature and the maintenance of physical and mental skills
  • a chapter/section on big data
  • expanded chapter on sexuality
  • new section on "the forgotten generation," examining elders and technology
  • broadening of social contexts (e.g., more on bullying)
  • chapter/section on the fragile generation --the extreme social, sexual, and emotional alteration we are seeing/living in the first totally tech-immersed generation
  • Dr. Mari Swingle is a clinical psychologist, practicing therapist, and researcher who has been working in the fields of Mental Health and Education for over 25 years.
  • She is a known expert on the effects of i-technology (screen-based devices) and holds a PhD and MA in Clinical Psychology, an MA in Language Education, and a BA in Fine arts
  • She lectures locally and internationally on the effects of screen-based technology on our brains and behavior
  • The book is informed by her work with children and families experiencing behavioral and learning difficulties including but not limited to dyslexia, processing, written output, and speech and auditory disorders
  • Written in a witty and entertaining style, Dr. Mari (as she's known to her patients) walks us through the science on how rapidly our brains are changing after 100,000 years of slow development

Parents, teachers, counsellors, readers of popular science, psychologists, child care workers, business executives, general public concerned about impact of digital devices, readers of her previous book.

Dr. Swingle has a large following in Sweden and other Scandinavian countries. Brazil, South Africa, the UK, Germany and Japan report high usage of digital devices.

An entertaining, scientifically rigorous exploration of the social and biological effects of our wireless world

The way we use i-technology is affecting our health and happiness. While programs, devices, information, and constant connectivity can offer us ease, liberation, and efficiency, they can also rewire our brains to feel restless, disconnected, unable to sleep, anxious, and depressed, with new illnesses like FOMO (fear of missing out), and electro sensitivities appearing.

Engaging and entertaining yet scientifically rigorous, this fully revised and updated second edition of i-Minds comprehensively explores an era of screen-based technology's assimilation into our lives, pondering it as both godsend and plague. Addressing theory, popular media, and industry hype, i-Minds demonstrates:

  • How constant connectivity is changing our brains
  • The dangers of unchecked connectivity
  • Positive steps to embrace new technologies while protecting our well-being and steering our future in a more human direction.

i-Minds is a must-read for anyone interested in fostering health and happiness, or who is struggling with the role of screened technology in our lives.


Part 1: How and Why
1. The Shift
2. Technological Integration Versus Technological Interference
3. The Pull
4. The Power of Sound: History and Biology
5. The Biological Science — What's Really Going on in Our Brains?
6. Boxed In — Anxiety in the Masses
7. From Digital Natives to i-Kids
8. The Story of Alpha
9. The Narrowing of Minds

Part 2: Process and Development
10. Of Systems and Process
11. Back to Biology: Epigenetics and Vestibular Regulation
12. From i-Kids to i-Brains
13. Learning, Play, and Parenting— Conflicting Needs in a Busy, Busy World
14. Socialization — Child's Play

Part 3: Education, Games, Power, and Politics
15. The Good, the Bad, and the Neutral
16. Of Games and Gaming
17. The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly— Esports and the Business of Gaming
18. Beyond Illusions — Spatial Planning, Arbitrary Learning, and Geolocation Skills
19. Breaking the Trance
20. i-Tech and Healthcare — To Care or i-Care

Part 4: Trust, Governance, and the Attention Ecconomy
21. i-Trust and i-Privacy— Social, Economic, and Political Manipulation
22. Governance Part One — Self-Governance and the Rise of the Attention Economy
23. Governance Part Two — Crossing the Floor and the Perils of Protection
24. The Attention Economy
25. Governance and Safety — Electromagnetic Explorations

Part 5: The Interpersonal
26. Community, Communication, Digital Mediation, and Friendship
27. Sex and Sexuality Part A — Adult Play
28. Sex and Sexuality Part B — Brain Wiring and the Death of Intimacy
29. Sex and Sexuality Part C — From Children to Elders, Communication, and Lifestyle Solutions
30. Benefactors of Change
31. i-Addiction and i-Life— The Beginnings of a New World
32. The Tipping Point
33. Our Future Our Selves

Epilogue: So What to Do?

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