Magical Encounters
148 Pages

Magical Encounters


148 Pages


Can you imagine this?: You are traveling deep into the Amazon jungle, or you are speed skating on the Olympic Oval at Lake Placid, NY. Bob and Jim tell these stories and many other exciting adventures. Finally, they meet in a new dimension, the spiritual path, and their lives are changed forever.
Bob tells of his ego-driven quest to succeed with all its ups and downs. Late in his career he has a defining moment that brings him to the top of the heap. In retirement, he is faced with a critical challenge that changes his life forever.
Jim is a clairvoyant. He has the ability to see events before they happen. His stories tell of critical times when he used his gift to avert disaster for himself and others. Jim's stories are funny and poignant and tell of traveling to different dimensions of the universe.



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Published 30 November 2018
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