My best Teacher ever

My best Teacher ever


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Lily could not accept change easily. She tried to avoid it and she did come up with a plan to do so. However, it did not work as she had planned.
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Published 08 May 2015
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My Best Teacher Ever
Danielle Perrault, author and psychologist Jacques Desrochers, Illustrator
Mother, educator, teacher, psychologist, and grandmother. Danielle Perrault is an idealist. She has worked with a wide clientele that ranges from children to seniors.
Creative and dynamic, she has worked for the radio, has written for the Medias, the theatre, and television. Prevention is her main concern. She creates and directed a Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi.
She believes in humans and always invents a thousand ways to attract the interest of those marginal people. Danielle wants to help them so they can reconcile with themselves, discover and develop their potential by participating actively in the development of our society and its evolution.
To all the children who are facing this type of challenge.
Lily was four years old and felt very fortunate when she accompanied one of her sister in class for a whole day. Lily sat quietly at her desk and made some drawings while the teacher would speak to the fourth graders. Lily was overjoyed.
The teacher told her:
“You are an intelligent and quiet little girl. You will be a very good student later on.”
Every day she would be watching enviously her sisters getting ready for school. She always wanted to accompany them, promising to listen quietly…No luck; the answer was always the same:
“No! You’re too young. Your turn will come soon eno ugh.”
Lily began playing school with her younger brothers. They were however very turbulent and did not listen to her.
She was really looking forward to going to school. At least, there would be no afternoon nap to do with.
Lily was anxious to grow up, but her legs refused t o develop any faster and every day, even though she would not feel tired at all, her mother would force her to take a nap. You guessed right, Lily hated afternoon naps.