On Royalty

On Royalty


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What is the point of Kings and Queens? What do they do all day? And what does it mean to be one of them?

Jeremy Paxman is used to making politicians explain themselves - but royalty has always been off limits. Until now. In On Royalty he delves deep into the past and takes a long hard look at our present incumbents to find out just what makes them tick. Along the way he discovers some fascinating and little-known details. Such as:

. how Albania came to advertise in England for a king

. which English queen gave birth in front of 67 people

. how easy it is to beat up future kings of England

. and how meeting the Queen is a bit scary - whoever you are ...

No other book will tell you quite as much about our kings, queens, princes and princesses: who they are and what they're for.



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Published 06 September 2007
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On Royalty