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Overthinking: Learn How to Master Your Emotions, Stop Worrying, Reduce Anxiety, Stop Procrastination, and Improve Self-Esteem by Developing a Winning Mentality


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Have you been finding it difficult to relax and switch off your mind and are tend to be anxious, edgy and unproductive because you are busy analyzing everything in all manner of angles?
And is your level of confidence and self-esteem lower than you’d wish it to be all because of your excessive analysis and overthinking that paralyzes you and makes it impossible for you to take meaningful action?
If the answer is YES, keep reading…
You Are About To Discover Exactly How To Tame Your Mind, End Overthinking And Over-Analysis, Stop Analysis Paralysis, And Put Your Life Squarely On A Path To Success!
Overthinking is one of those issues that cause mental health to decline, and as that happens, the more you overthink; it is a classic vicious downward spiral.
Why do I overthink all the time, even when I try to stop?
Can I break this endless cycle of overthinking?
What techniques can I use to stop this cycle, for good?
If you have these and other related questions, this audiobook is for you, as it will help you overcome this problem and start your life afresh by tackling this issue from its roots.
With it, you’ll discover:
• What it means to be an over-thinker and why you need to do something about it
• The link between overthinking and procrastination and how this affects your life
• How to become productive to boost your confidence
• How to overcome anxiety and improve your inner balance
• How to live a mindful, minimalist lifestyle in simple steps and how that relates to overthinking
• The link between low self-confidence and overthinking and how to overcome that
• The link between low self-esteem and overthinking and how to overcome that
• How to overcome bigger fears and stop worrying
…And much more!



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Published 05 August 2020
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