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SENIOR CITIZE01 General/trade WRITING II continues the tradition of the first volume with new examples of seniors citizens writing from the unique and succesful workshops facilitated by W.. Ross Winterowd. In this new collection, readers will find memoirs, short stories and poems from eleven authors, ranging in age from 63 to 87, U.S. born as well as immigrant.



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Published 13 May 2009
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the îrst vOlume with new examples Of seniOrs citizens writinG frOm the unique and succesful wOrkshOps fa cilitated bY W.. ROss WinterOwd. In this new cOllectiOn, readers will înd memOirs, shOrt stOries and pOems frOm eleven authOrs, ranGinG in aGe frOm 63 tO 87, U.S. bOrn as well as immiGrant. This cOllectiOn preserves a rich tapestrY Of American cOllOquial and immiGrant interest. These 46 selectiOns shOw the success Of the seniOrs wOrkshOp fOrmat, which stimulates seniOrs tO express their feelinGs and tell their unique stOries with Grace and elOquence. The editOr Of this vOlume, Bill Reid, was himself a wOrkshOp participant.
WinterOwd prOvides an infOrmative intrOductiOn, his Own veGetable pOem, and insiGhtful headnOtes tO each authOrs’ wOrk. COntributOrs include Eddie HassOn, MarY Ann Huisken, Paul (SammY) Larkin, MarjOrY BOnG-RaY Liu, KathY RecuperO, William (Bill) Reid, JOanne SimpsOn, Marie ThOmpsOn, Phan Vū, Edna WOOleY, and Richard Wrate.
816 RObinsOn Street West LafaYette, IN 47906 www. p a r l O r p re s s . c O m S A N: 2 5 4 8 8 7 9 ISBN 978-1-60235-10
Senior CitizenS Writing ii Senior Citizens Writing II
Edited by Bill Reid
reid & WinteroWd
With an Introduction and Notes by W. Ross Winterowd
Senior Citizens Writing II
Senior Citizens Writing II
Wit an Introduction and Notes by W. Ross Winterowd
Edited by Bill Reid
Parlor Press West Lafayette, Indiana
Parlor Press LLC, West Lafayette, Indiana 96
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Printed on acidfree paper. Cover and book design by David Blakesley Cover images © Tanks to Susan Bales for providing copy editing assistance on tis project.
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I tank Dr. W. Ross Winterowd for te encourage ment, sage commentary, and friendsip e so freely en dowed on me, and generously endows on all older adult writing worksop attendees. I learned a great amount about life, writing, and story from is tireless efforts during te sixty worksop sessions I attended. I also attest tat te many oter worksop participants, wo I now know as friends, ave benefited in like manner, particularly te ten oter autors wo worked wit me on te antology section of tis book. Worksop attendees wis to tank te Huntington Beac Union Hig Scool and staff for teir support for te Writing Worksops for older adults, sponsored since te Fall of 1999 and offered tree times per year. We tank in particular Dr. Doris Longmead, principal of te Coast Hig Scool and Adult Scool, and er able staff; Caterine McGoug, assistant principal at te scool, and Dr. Winterowd’s boss; Lynn Bergman, secretary; June StarkKaraba, specialist for older adult classes; and Georgina Amparan, department secretary. Te patience and support of te antology section autors was greatly appreciated, and I tank Paul Lar kin, Joanne Simpson, and Marie Tompson for teir
Preface reading, editing, and proofreading assistance on some of te contributions. Tank you David Blakesley and Parlor Press for au torizing tis second book onSenior Citizens Writing. I give special tanks to Norma Winterowd and Tessa Reid, beloved wives wom Ross and I owe for te time we invested in te preparation of tis book. —Bill Reid
Acknowledgments We are grateful for permission to reprint or adapt from te following sources:
Marjory Bong-Ray Liu: Cina map and inset: Courtesy of te University of Texas Libraries. Te University of Texas at Austin. Excerpts included in “My Adventures in Cina During World War II” appeared inEmeritus Voices, te publication of te Arizona State University Emeritus College. Used by permission.
Ricard Wrate: Excerpts fromTe Aspen Times: Courtesy of Te Aspen Times, Inc.
Paul Larkin: “Ole George” and “Te Paper Boy.” Courtesy ofTomBigbee Country Magazine.
Preface,Bill Reidv Acknowledgmentsvi Introduction,W. Ross Winterowd3 Eddie Hasson9 Te Most Dynamic Class in Junior Hig Scool 9 Human Reproduction 1 CoEd Healt—Undivided Attention 16 First Aid Unit 18 Coed Healt Class House Rules  A Sad Story  Talent Sows and Oter Performances at te Junior Hig Level  Old Moter Hubbard  Mary Ann Huisken9 A City Girl on te Farm 9 Sleeping Under te Stars 38 Decorating te Cristmas Tree 8 “Moter, Were Are You?”  Paul “Sammy” Larkin61 “Ole George’’ and te Paper Boy 6 Amory Library 6 “Tick”  Baseball Long Toss Contest 3 Knockout Punc 8 Te Ring 8 In te Morning 9 Marjory Bong-Ray Liu91 My Adventures in Cina During World War II 91 QI Cee * 1 Snow in Beijing 13
Katy Recupero1 As I Remember It—Love at First Sligt 1 Daddy, a Beloved Irisman 1 New York! New York! It’s a Wonderful Town 133 Our Year in Tuscany 138 William (Bill) Reid1 Tere’s a War On! 1 “Sassenacs! Go Live Among Tem?” 16
Joanne Simpson196 Bubbles of Remembrance 196 It Was te 6’s! 19 Fred  Marie Tompson Anoter Cance  Te Norton Simon 3 Te Scruff 3 Te Button  An Encanted Oasis  Sanctuary  Pan Vū3 Autumn Love  A Bus Ride  Edna Woolley8 One Remarkable Woman 8 Molly’s Folly 9 Wat Fun It Was 31 Ted 39 My Greek Vacation 31 Ricard Wrate31 Beauty in te Beast 3 Buttermilk Returns? 33 Contributors3
Senior Citizens Writing II