The BIG U - A Guide to Self Revolution


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Praise for the BIG U - A Guide to Self Revolution
”Paul Gotel has written an extraordinary personable, powerful and practical book of Self-realization. A direct path of awakening that combines psychological and spiritual insights, to free ourselves from the fears, inhibitions, conditioned behaviors, reactive emotions, negative judgments and limiting beliefs that keep us from living the joyous, love-filled, fully conscious life. Paul provides powerful transformational tools and practices to let go of what no longer serves us and to realize that what we have been searching for is always right here, right now, inside of us. A must-read for anyone interested in emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth -- as the BIG U provides the ultimate U-turn to authentic Self-fulfillment."
Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.
N.Y. Times Bestselling Author
 Paul Gotel : INNERPOWER
( Life Coach, Ecstatic Dance facilitator, Reiki Master, Fire walk Instructor)
After achieving a very successful career as a producer , DJ & marketing professional in the global Music business before
thirty , I grew disillusioned with western ideals & realized money , fame & success were not enough!
I hit the wall... It was time for change ..
5 years , 75 countries , and thousands of Sacred sites of worldwide exploration later , I'd drunk up all the ancient wisdom I could find living with Buddhist monks, Bedouins, and aborigines.
Taking all the unifying ingredients of their teachings into this Guide book to a new way of being.
Have you ever asked yourself the BIG questions?
The really BIG questions?
...Who am I?
...Why am I here ?
...What is god ?
...What is love ?
...And what's the purpose of it all?
Are you ready for a self Revolution?
If you are, look within ...



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Published 14 July 2020
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