The Practical Cyclist
193 Pages

The Practical Cyclist


193 Pages


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An easy, low-impact way to get everyone back on their bicycles for health, wealth, and fun!



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Published 01 March 2009
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Discover or rediscover the simple pleasures and benefits of rid-ing a bike with Chip Haynes as your guide, shaman, coach. It’s Andy Rooney meets Jerry Seinfeld meets Ghandi meets your favorite science teacher, all on two wheels. In a clear, unpreten-tious voice, Chip delivers a wonderful, practical thesis that will forever change — for the better — the way you think about bicycles.
— Jim Joyce, Editor The Bicycle Book: Wit, Wisdom & Wanderings
This may sound like heresy, but reading Chip Haynes’ delight-ful book,The Practical Cyclist, is almost as much fun as riding my bike. Curled up on my sofa, Chip’s book in hand, I have yet to be charged by a howling dog or cursed by a motorist con-sumed by road rage. On the other hand, while reading the book I didn’t burn as many calories, and I feel really guilty about wolfing down a pint of ice cream by myself.
— Jeff Klinkenberg St. Petersburg Times
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