The world of Moslem Woman


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The focus of this book is the world of Moslem Woman. It discusses: (The Position of Woman in Islam, War Against the Moslem Woman, Five Messages to the Moslem Woman and Woman Formal Legal Opinions).



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Published 01 January 2007
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The WorldOfMoslem Woman
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The World Of Moslem Woman
Khawla Basheer
Translated by: Salim R. Abu
Almamoun Publishing and Distribution House
In the Name of Allah,The Most Gracious,The Most Merciful
a) (prayer and peace be upon him) = (PPUH)
b) (May God be pleased with him) = (MGPWH)
(May God be pleased with her) = (MGPWH) c)
 d) May God have mercy upon him) = (MGHMUH)
The Dedication
To: The Moslem woman of our t ime Shake of f t he dust of t he past , as t he sleep last ed long.t he t hought s of t he past  Shake of f , as t he resource is st ill f resh and sweet . Get up t o your Islam which enlivens your heart , soul and mind, and you will be t he most act ive, t he most smart and t he most beaut if ul. Why not , while it is what t he Lord ofAl-'Alaminj inn  (mankind, hat exist and all t he All-s), t Wise, t he All-Knower chose f or you, which will rest ore you and rest ore your sit uat ion in lif e and Hereaf t er. And t he last of t his nat ion will not be ref ormed except with what reformed its beginning.Come on, approach, read, list en and gaze so t hat you ret urn, by your select ion, mind and belief , t o your religion and say: Verily, how nice t he belief is! And how sweet t he obedience is! And how f resh t he adherence t o t he obedience of Allah and t o t he religion of Allah is! Come on, as t he scope is open before you.
O Moslem woman of t his t ime, o she who is being challenged by t he whole world; you are f acing a crazy war and sat anic t empt at ions, t hus, in challenge of your religion, chast it y and charact ers, and even of all aspect s of your good and shyness. They opened t he doors of every inducing t hing and every t empt at ion, and concealed t he good and every usef ul t hing f rom you.
Did you realize t he meaning of what I am saying? Do you wit hst and? Will you remain adherent t o your religion and keeping your screen and shyness? Or you will say t hat t he war is in it s peak and t he groundless winds are st rong and dest ruct ive? And t he temptations are continuous and I can do nothing.Or you will say: I am proud of my religion and belief, I f eel honored wit h my veil and I raise my head high wit h my right eousness and my insist ing on t he right bef ore all t hese t empt at ions; t hus, because I am willful and having right.Congrat ulat ions f or you, congrat ulat ions f or your nat ion wit h you and congrat ulat ions f or your generat ion t hat you are t he princess and mast er of yourself and not a slave of desires and longings.Congyour reward of good lif f or hee in t rat ulat ions world; and in t he Hereaf t er, you will be rewarded f or your best deeds, and gardens of et ernit y and t he greatest good pleasure of Allah.The exalt ed Allah said:(Whoever works righteousness whet her male or femalewhile he { or she} is a true believer {of Islamic Monotheism} verily, to him We will give a good life { in t his world wit h respect , cont ent ment and lawful provision} , and We shall pay t hem cert ainly a reward in proport ion t o t he best of what hey used t o do { i. e.Paradise in t he Hereafter}).[Surat An-Nahl{The Bees}:97].
The Position of Woman in Islam
The Position of Mother
The Position of Girl
The Position of Wife
The Credit of the Woman's Obedience to her Husband
The Position of Mother in Islam The most high and praised Allah enj oined on children t o t he parent s in general and linked His worship and t he belief of His Monot heism by doing good t o t he parent s f or t heir great right upon t hem. The exalt ed Allah said:(Worship Allah and join none with Him (in worship); and do good t o parent s, kinsfolk, orphans, AlMasakin (t he needy), t he neighbor who is near of kin, t he neighbor who is a st ranger, t he companion by your side, t he wayfarer (you meet ), and t hose (slaves) whom your right hands possess. Verily, Allah does not like such as are proud and boastful).An[ Surat Nisa'(The Women):36].And t he exalt ed Allah said:(And your Lord has decreed t hat you worship none but Him. And t hat you be dut iful t o your parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age in your life, say not t o t hem a word of disrespect , nor shout at t hem but address t hem in t erms of honor{23}.he wing ofAnd lower t hem t o t submission and humilit y t hrough mercy, and say: "My Lord! Best ow on t hem Your Mercy as t hey did bring me up when I was young").[Surat AlIsra' (The Journey by Night]:23,24.
The posit ion of t he mot her is a great posit ion in Islam, as Islam enj oined a special commandment t o her af t er the general commandment.