Yoga for Happy Mums
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Yoga for Happy Mums


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195 Pages

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Yoga for Happy Mums focuses on the real issues that mums of young children face: lack of sleep, low energy levels, stress, negative emotions (anxiety, guilt, depression, anger and irritability), fluctuating hormones, a weakened immune system, issues with body confidence and difficulties with addictions and relationships. Each chapter includes a discussion about how the particular issue applies to mums, a questionnaire so you can identify which are particularly relevant to you, some suggested points for reflection, guidance from the Kundalini Yoga tradition (including Top Tips such as dietary suggestions), a breathing practice, a physical Yoga set and a meditation.
The book is fully illustrated, with easy-to-understand instructions so that you can practise at home. You do not need any previous experience, or to be particularly flexible or physically fit in order to practise these sets.
Kundalini Yoga is a comprehensive form of Yoga that uses the breath, sound (mantra), postures and meditation. It is an ancient tradition which can empower you to meet the challenges of modern life with grace and equanimity. Unlike other forms of Yoga which were originally practiced in isolation, Kundalini Yoga has always been a householder's yoga, designed for people with the commitments of family and work.
Chapter 1: Allowing the Sunshine In: How to fit Yoga into Busy Lives
Chapter 2: Getting Warmed Up: Preparing for a Kundalini Yoga Practice
Chapter 3: By the Light of the Moon: Improving Sleep
Chapter 4: The Energy of the Sun: Boosting Energy
Chapter 5: Lightening the Load: Managing Stress
Chapter 6: Escaping the Shadow of Fear: Freeing Yourself from Anxiety
Chapter 7: Clearing the Clouds of the Past: Saying Goodbye to Guilt
Chapter 8: From Darkness to Light: Fighting Depression
Chapter 9: Lengthening the Fuse: Reducing Irritability and Anger
Chapter 10: Sunshine through the Clouds: Balancing Hormones
Chapter 11: Strengthening the Inner Light: Boosting the Immune System
Chapter 12: Light at the End of the Tunnel: Breaking Free from Addictions
Chapter 13: A New Dawn: Increasing Body Confidence
Chapter 14: A New Dawn: Strengthening Relationships



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