Antiplatelet Therapy In Ischemic Heart Disease
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Antiplatelet Therapy In Ischemic Heart Disease



This book in the new American Heart Association Clinical Series, explores and explains state-of-the-art use of antiplatelet agents and draws on the expertise of global leaders in antiplatelet therapy. Skillfully organized for fast reference, the book is divided into five parts:

  • Concepts in Platelet Physiology, Function, and Measurement
  • Pharmacology of Oral Antiplatelet Agents
  • Pharmacology of Intravenous Antiplatelet Agents
  • Clinical Use of Antiplatelet Agents in Cardiovascular Disease
  • Special Circumstances.

Each chapter in the clinical section contains an overview of guidelines, plus specifics on medical and interventional uses.

Clinical cardiologists, platelet biologists, and a wide range of practicing and prospective clinicians in allied fields will find this text an exceptional source of current information.



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Published 26 January 2009
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Contributors, vii Preface, xiii Foreword, xv
PA R T IConcepts in Platelet Physiology, Function, and Measurement 1 Platelet physiology and the role of the platelet in ischemic  heart disease, 3 Robert F. Storey 2 Laboratory assessment of platelet function and the effects of  antiplatelet agents, 15 Alan D. Michelson, A.L. Frelinger, III
PA R T I IPharmacology of Oral Antiplatelet Agents 3 Cyclooxygenase inhibitors, 33 Nina Chetty Raju, John W. Eikelboom 4 Aspirin response variability and resistance, 47 WaiHong Chen, Daniel I. Simon 5 P2Y12inhibitors: Thienopyridines and direct oral inhibitors, 59 JeanPhilippe Collet, Boris Aleil, Christian Gachet, Gilles Montalescot 6 Thienopyridine response variability and resistance, 77 Udaya S. Tantry, Thomas A. Suarez, Paul A. Gurbel
PA R T I I IPharmacology of Intravenous Antiplatelet Agents 7 Pharmacology of intravenous glycoprotein IIb/IIIa antagonists, 97 James C. Blankenship, Peter B. Berger
vi Contents
 8 Intravenous P2Y12inhibitors, 111 Steven P. Dunn, Steven R. Steinhubl  9 Antiplatelet effects of thrombin inhibitors and fibrinolytic agents, 125 Nicolai Mejevoi, Anjum Tanwir, Marc Cohen
PA R T I VClinical Use of Antiplatelet Agents in Cardiovascular Disease 10 Antiplatelet therapy in acute coronary syndrome without  ST elevation, 145 Christian W. Hamm 11 Antiplatelet therapy in STelevation myocardial infarction, 164 Michelle O’Donoghue, Marc S. Sabatine 12 Antiplatelet therapy in chronic coronary artery disease, 178 Kamran I. Muhammad, Deepak L. Bhatt 13 Antiplatelet therapy in peripheral arterial disease, 196 EstherS. Kim, Heather L. Gornik 14 Clinical use of antiplatelet agents in cardiovascular disease:  cerebrovascular diseases, 215 Larry B. Goldstein
PA R T VSpecial Circumstances 15 Antiplatelet therapy and coronary bypass surgery: risks  and benefits, 233 A. Burdess, N.L. Cruden, K.A. Fox 16 Management of antiplatelet therapy for noncardiac surgery, 251 Nisheeth Goel, John F. Canales, James J. Ferguson 17 Antiplatelet therapy and coronary stents, 265 Alanna Coolong, Laura Mauri
Index, 281
Author Disclosure Table, 291