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This excellently designed Atlas of Acupuncture is easy to access and provides clear information on the full range of acupuncture points and main channels in a systematic and clear way. Each of these points combine anatomical drawings and photographs of surface anatomy. This acupuncture atlas not only provides beginners with an overview of the most important acupuncture points, but experienced practitioners can also learn about seldom used acupuncture points and thus extend their knowledge.
  • Clear information on the full range of acupuncture points and main channels in a systematic and clear way
  • Each point combines anatomical drawings and photographs of surface anatomy
  • Attractive two-colour design
  • Highly illustrated



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Published 01 April 2008
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Atlas of Acupuncture
Claudia Focks
Churchill Livingstone
Table of Contents
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Title page
About the editor and contributors
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Chapter 1: Jing luo (Channel and Network Vessel System)
1.1 Introduction
1.2 The 12 Primary Channels (jing zheng)
1.3 Divergent Channels (jing bie)
1.4 The 12 Sinew Channels (jing jin)
1.5 Luo-Connecting Vessels
1.6 Cutaneous Regions (pi bu)
1.7 The Eight Extraordinary Vessels (qi jing ba mai)
Chapter 2: Location Methods and Cun Measurements
2.1 Location Methods for Body Acupuncture
2.2 Cun Measurements of the Body
2.3 Tips for Point Location
Chapter 3: Anatomical Orientation
3.1 Head
3.2 Neck
3.5 Anterior and Lateral Aspect of the Thorax and Abdomen
3.6 Lower Extremity
Chapter 4: Acupuncture Points of the Twelve Primary Channels
4.1 The Lung Channel System – Hand-taiyin (shou tai yin jing luo)
LU-1 Central Residence ZHONGFU
LU-2 Cloud Gate YUNMEN
LU-3 Heavenly Residence TIANFU
LU-4 Clasping the White XIABAI
LU-5 Cubit Marsh CHIZE
LU-6 Biggest Hole KONGZUI
LU-7 Broken Sequence LIEQUE
LU-8 Channel Gutter JINGQU
LU-9 Supreme Abyss TAIYUAN
LU-10 Fish Border YUJI
LU-11 Lesser Shang SHAOSHANG
4.2 The Large Intestine Channel System - Hand yangming (shou yang ming jing luo)
L.I.-1 Shang Yang SHANGYANG
L.I.-2 Second Space ERJIAN
L.I.-3 Third Space SANJIAN
L.I.-4 Joining Valley HEGU
L.I.-5 Yang Stream YANGXI
L.I.-6 Veering Passage PIANLI
L.I.-1 Warm Flow WENLIU
L.I.-8 Lower Angle XIALIAN
L.I.-9 Upper Angle SHANGLIAN
L.I.-10 Arm Three Miles SHOUSANLI
L.I.-11 Pool at the Crook QUCHI
L.I.-12 Elbow Crevice ZHOULIAO
L.I.-13 Arm Five Miles SHOUWULI
L.I.-14 Upper Arm BINAO
L.I.-15 Shoulder Bone JIANYU
L.I.-16 Great Bone JUGU
L.I.-17 Heaven’s Tripod TIANDING
L.I.-18 Support the Prominence FUTU
L.I.-19 Mouth Grain Crevice KOUHELIAO
L.I.-20 Welcome Fragrance YINGXIANG
4.3 The Stomach Channel System - Foot yangming (zu yang ming jing luo)
ST-1 Container of Tears CHENGQI
ST-2 Four Whites SIBAI
ST-3 Great Crevice JULIAO
ST-4 Earth Granary DICANG
ST-5 Great Welcome DAYING
ST-6 Jaw Bone JIACHE
ST-7 Below the Joint XIAGUAN
ST-8 Head’s Binding TOUWEI
ST-9 Man’s Welcome RENYING
ST-10 Water Prominence SHUITU
ST-11 Qi Abode QISHE
ST-12 Empty Basin QUEPEN
ST-13 Qi Door QIHU
ST-14 Store House KUFANG
ST-15 Room Screen WUYI
ST-16 Breast Window YINGCHUANG
ST-17 Breast Centre RUZHONG
ST-18 Breast Root RUGEN
ST-19 Not Contained BURONG
ST-20 Supporting Fullness CHENGMAN
ST-21 Beam Gate LIANGMEN
ST-22 Pass Gate GUANMEN
ST-23 Supreme Unity TAIYI
ST-24 Slippery Flesh Gate HUAROUMEN
ST-25 Heaven’s Pivot TIANSHU
ST-26 Outer Mound WAILING
ST-27 The Great DAJU
ST-28 Water Passage SHUIDAO
ST-29 Return GUILAI
ST-30 Rushing Qi QICHONG
ST-31 Thigh Gate BIGUAN
ST-32 Crouching Rabbit FUTU
ST-33 Yin Market YINSHI
ST-34 Ridge Mound LIANGQIU
ST-35 Calf’s Nose DUBI
ST-36 Leg Three Miles ZUSANLI
ST-37 Upper Great Emptiness SHANGJUXU
ST-38 Lines Opening TIAOKOU
ST-39 Lower Great Void XIAJUXU
ST-40 Abundant Bulge FENGLONG
ST-41 Stream Divide JIEXI
ST-42 Rushing Yang CHONGYANG
ST-43 Sunken Valley XIANGU
ST-44 Inner Court NEITING
ST-45 Strict Exchange LIDUI
4.4 The Spleen Channel System-Foot taiyin (zu tai yin jing luo)
SP-1 Hidden White YINBAI
SP-2 Great Metropolis DADU
SP-3 Supreme White TAIBAI
SP-4 Grandfather Grandson GONGSUN
SP-5 Shang Mound SHANGQIU
SP-6 Three Yin Intersection SANYINJIAO
SP-7 Dripping Valley LOUGU
SP-8 Earth Pivot DIJI
SP-9 Yin Mound Spring YINLINGQUAN
SP-10 Sea of Blood XUEHAI
SP-11 Winnowing Gate JIMEN
SP-12 Rushing Gate CHONGMEN
SP-13 Abode of the Fu FUSHE
SP-14 Abdomen Knot FUJIE
SP-15 Great Horizontal DAHENG
SP-16 Abdomen Sorrow FUAI
SP-17 Food Cavity SHIDOU
SP-18 Heavenly Stream TIANXI
SP-19 Chest Village XIONGXIANG
SP-20 Encircling Glory ZHOURONG
SP-21 Great Wrapping DABAO
4.5 The Heart Channel System - Hand shaoyin (shou shao yin jing luo)
HE-1 Summit Spring JIQUAN
HE-2 Green Spirit QINGLING
HE-3 Lesser Sea SHAOHAI
HE-4 Spirit Path LINGDAO
HE-5 Penetrating the Interior TONGLI
HE-6 Yin Cleft YINXI
HE-7 Spirit Gate SHENMEN
HE-8 Lesser Palace SHAOFU
HE-9 Lesser Rushing SHAOCHONG
4.6 The Small Intestine Channel System - Hand taiyang (shou tai yang jing luo)
S.I.-1 Lesser Marsh SHAOZE
S.I.-2 Front Valley QIANGU
S.I.-3 Back Stream HOUXI
S.I.-4 Wrist Bone WANGU
S.I.-5 Yang Valley YANGGU
S.I.-6 Support the Aged YANGLAO
S.I.-7 Branch of the Upright ZHIZHENG
S.I.-8 Small Sea XIAOHAI
S.I.-9 True Shoulder JIANZHEN
S.I.10 Upper Arm Shu NAOSHU
S.I.-11 Heavenly Gathering TIANZONG
S.I.12 Grasping the Wind BINGFENG
S.I.-13 Crooked Wall QUYUAN
S.I.-14 Outer Shoulder Shu JIANWAISHU
S.I.-15 Middle Shoulder Shu JIANZHONGSHU
S.I.-16 Heavenly Window TIANCHUANG
S.I.-17 Heavenly Appearance TIANRONG
S.I.-18 Cheekbone Crevice QUANLIAO
S.I.-19 Palace of Hearing TINGGONG
4.7 The Bladder Channel System - Foot taiyang (zu tai yang jing luo)
BL-1 Bright Eyes JINGMING
BL-2 Gathered Bamboo ZANZHU
BL-3 Eyebrows’ Pouring MEICHONG
BL-4 Crooked Curve QUCHA
BL-5 Fifth Place WUCHU
BL-6 Receiving Light CHENGGUAN
BL-7 Heavenly Connection TONGTIAN
BL-8 Declining Connection LUOQUE
BL-9 Jade Pillow YUZHEN
BL-10 Heavenly Pillar TIANZHU
BL-11 Great Shuttle DAZHU
BL-12 Wind Gate FENGMEN
BL-13 Lung Shu FEISHU
BL-14 Jueyin Shu JUEYINSHU
BL-15 Heart Shu XINSHU
BL-16 Governing Shu DUSHU
BL-17 Diaphragm Shu GESHU
BL-18 Liver Shu GANSHU
BL-19 Gall Bladder Shu DANSHU
BL-20 Spleen Shu PISHU
BL-21 Stomach shu WEISHU
BL-23 Kidney Shu SHENSHU
BL-24 Sea fo Qi QIHAISHU
BL-25 Large Intestine Shu DACHANGSHU
BL-26 Gate of Origin Shu GUANYUANSHU
BL-27 Small Intestine Shu XIAOCHANGSHU
BL-29 Mid Spine Shu ZHONGLÜSHU
BL-30 White Ring Shu BAI HUAN SHU
BL 31-BL 34 Eight Liao BALIAO
BL-35 Meeting of Yang HUIYANG
BL-36 Hold and Support CHENGFU
BL-37 Gate of Abundance YINMEN
BL-38 Floating Cleft FUXI
BL-39 Outside of the Crook WEIYANG
BL-40 Middle of the Crook WEIZHONG
BL-41 Attached Branch FUFEN
BL-42 Door of the Corporeal Soul POHU
BL-43 Vital Region Shu GAOHUANG
BL-44 Spirit Hall SHENTANG
Bl-45 Cry of Pain YIXI
BL-46 Diaphragm’s Gate GEGUAN
BL-47 Gate of the Ethereal Soul HUNMEN
BL-48 Yang’s Key Link YANGGANG
BL-49 Abode of Thought YISHE
BL-50 Stomach Granary WEICANG
BL-51 Vitals Gate HUANGMEN
BL-52 Residence of the Will ZHISHI
BL-53 Bladder Vitals BAOHUANG
BL-54 Order’s Limit ZHIBIAN
BL-55 Confluence of Yang HEYANG
BL-56 Support the Sinews CHENGJIN
BL-57 Supporting Mountain CHENGSHAN
BL-58 Soaring Upward FEIYANG
BL-59 Instep Yang FUYANG
BL-60 Kunlun Mountains KUNLUN
BL-61 Servant’s Respect PUCAN
BL-62 Extending Vessel SHENMAI
BL-63 Golden Gate JINMEN
BL-64 Capital Bone JINGGU
BL-65 Restraining Bone SHUGU
BL-66 Foot Connecting Valley ZUTONGGU
BL-67 Reaching Yin ZHIYIN