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Prepare to confidently succeed on your facility coding exam with Facility Coding Exam Review 2014: The Certification Step with ICD-10-CM/PCS! From leading coding author and educator Carol J. Buck, this exam review provides complete coverage of all topics covered on the facility certification exams, including anatomy, terminology, and pathophysiology for each organ system; reimbursement concepts; an overview of CPT, ICD-10-CM/PCS, and HCPCS coding; and more. Practice exams and a final mock exam simulate the testing experience to better prepare you for certification success.

  • Comprehensive review content based on the facility exam covers everything you need to know to pass your certification exam.
  • Concise outline format helps you access key information quickly and study more efficiently.
  • Concrete real-life coding reports simulate the reports that you will encounter on the job and challenge you to apply key coding principles to actual cases.
  • Success Strategies section guides you through the entire exam process.
  • Practice exams on the Evolve companion website allow you to assess strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan for focused study.
  • A final exam located on the Evolve website simulates the actual testing experience you’ll encounter when you take the facility certification exam.
  • Answers and rationales to the practice and final exams are available on the Evolve website.
  • Updated content includes the latest ICD-10 code sets, promoting exam success and accurate coding on the job.
  • NEW! Mobile-optimized 10-question quizzes provide quick, on-the-go study with 260 extra medical terminology and pathophysiology questions that may be downloaded to mobile devices.



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Published 25 March 2014
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Facility Coding Exam Review 2014
The Certification Step with ICD-10-CM/PCS
Carol J. Buck, MS, CPC, CPC-H, CCS-P
Former Program Director, Medical Secretary Programs, Northwest Technical College, East Grand Forks, Minnesota
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Table of Couteuts
Cover image
Title page
Organization of This Textbook
About the Practice Examinations
Supplemental Resources
Development of This Edition
Success Strategies
The Certification Examination
Managing Your Time
Using This Text
Day before the Examination
Day of the Examination
The Certification Examination
Days after the Examination
Course Syllabus and Student Calendar
Course Syllabus
Course Calendar
Unit 1. Anatomy, Terminology, and Pathophysiology
Integumentary System
Musculoskeletal System
Respiratory System
Cardiovascular System
Female Genital System and Pregnancy
Male Genital System
Urinary System
Digestive System
Mediastinum and Diaphragm
Hemic and Lymphatic System
Endocrine System
Nervous System
Unit 1 Quiz Answers
Unit 2. Reimbursement Issues and Data Quality
Reimbursement Issues
National Correct Coding Initiative (NCCI)
Prospective Payment Systems (PPS)
Ambulatory Payment Classifications (APCs)
Medicare Severity Diagnosis-Related Groups (MS-DRGs)
Post Acute Transfer
Present on Admission Indicator (POA)
Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HAC)
Revenue Codes
Data Quality
Office of the Inspector General (OIG)
Managed Health Care
Reimbursement Terminology
Unit 3. Overview of CPT, ICD-10-CM/PCS, and HCPCS Coding
Introduction to Medical Coding
Evaluation and Management (E/M) Section (99201-99499)
Practice Exercises
Surgery Section (10021-69990)
Practice Exercises
HCPCS Coding
ICD-10-CM/PCS Overview
Using ICD-10-CM
ICD-10-CM Chapters 1-10
ICD-10-CM Chapters 11-14
ICD-10-CM Chapters 15-21
Outpatient Coding
ICD-10-PCS, Reporting Inpatient Procedures
Unit 4. Preparing for Practice Examinations
Pre-Examination and Post-Examination
Final Examination
Grading of the Examination
Acuity Sheet
Appendix A. Resources
Appendix B. Medical Terminology
Appendix C. Combining Forms
Appendix D. Prefixes
Appendix E. Suffixes
Appendix F. Abbreviations
Appendix G. Further Text Resources
Appendix H. Pharmacology Review
Appendix I. Practice Exercises Answers and Rationales
Practice Exercise 3-1
Practice Exercise 3-2
Practice Exercise 3-3
Practice Exercise 3-4
Practice Exercise 3-5
Practice Exercise 3-6
Practice Exercise 3-7
Practice Exercise 3-8
Practice Exercise 3-9
Practice Exercise 3-10
Practice Exercise 3-11
Practice Exercise 3-12
Practice Exercise 3-13
Practice Exercise 3-14
Practice Exercise 3-15
Practice Exercise 3-16
Practice Exercise 3-17
Practice Exercise 3-18
Practice Exercise 3-19
Practice Exercise 3-20
Practice Exercise 3-21
Practice Exercise 3-22
Practice Exercise 3-23
Practice Exercise 3-24
Practice Exercise 3-25
Practice Exercise 3-26
Practice Exercise 3-27
Practice Exercise 3-28
Practice Exercise 3-29
Practice Exercise 3-30
Practice Exercise 3-31
Practice Exercise 3-32
Practice Exercise 3-33
Practice Exercise 3-34
Practice Exercise 3-35
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