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This third edition of Introduction to Public Health by Fleming and Parker continues to cement itself as a highly-respected resource for public health students. This title provides an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of the key concepts and principles of public health from a multidisciplinary perspective. This highly anticipated new edition of Introduction to Public Health addresses topical issues, including epidemiology, ethics and evidence-based practice. Parker and Fleming also includes a new focus on infectious diseases and disease presence. The inclusion of the new chapter 'Public health and social policy' will help broaden the readers’ understanding of the influence policy has on public health.

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  • New chapter: 'Public health and social policy'
  • Focus on infectious diseases and disease prevention



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Published 24 July 2015
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IntrodNction to PNblic Health
Mary Louise Fleming, PhD, MA, BEd, Dip Teach
Professor, Head of the School of Public Health and Social, Work at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland
Elizabeth Parker, EdD, MSW, BA
Adjunct Associate Professor, School of Public Health and Social Work at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland
Table of Contents
Cover image
Title page
About the authors
Section 1
History and definitions of public health
Chapter 1: Defining health and public health
Defining health and ill health
Defining ‘public health’: an art and a science?
Public health vision and values
Core functions of public health
What do public health practitioners do?
The World Health Organization agenda for public health
Public health in the Australian context
The future for public health?
A final word
Useful websites
Chapter 2: History and development of public health
The importance of the past in public health
Advancing population health—individual intervention or collective action?
For the sake of the public's health? The ancient history of public health
Changing definitions of ‘disease’
The colonial era: colonisation and health
A general history of public health: evolution and influences
Applying the models
A final word
Chapter 3: Contemporary public health policy
What is ‘policy’?
Stages of the policy process
Types of public policy
What is policy for?
Politics and policy
Health economics
International developments and their impact on contemporary health policies
Health policy and the Australian healthcare system
Management and reform of healthcare
National public health priorities—an evolving agenda
The National HIV/AIDS Strategy
The National Chronic Disease Strategy
The role of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
A final word
Useful websites
Chapter 4: Public health and social policy
Health policy: a key foundation of the welfare state
Health policy, social justice and risk
History of Australian health policy—policy design and funding arrangements
Disability, Indigenous health and equity considerations
Social determinants of health and environmental health discourses
A final word
Useful websites
Section 2
Determinants of health
Chapter 5: Epidemiology
Defining epidemiology
Objectives of epidemiological studies
Measuring the occurrence of exposures of interest and of health outcomes
Epidemiological study design
Observational epidemiology
Experimental epidemiology
Measures of association
Relative risk
Odds ratios
Sources of error in epidemiological studies
Why are confounding and error important to an epidemiologist?
Summing it up
A final word
Useful websites
Chapter 6: Biological and environmental determinants
A complex web of determinants
Genetics and screening
Biological and behavioural determinants
Environmental determinants
A final word
Useful websites
Chapter 7: Social and emotional determinants of health
Socioeconomic determinants and the health inequalities jigsaw
Socioeconomic characteristics that influence health
A public health framework to address the social determinants of health
Social and economic disadvantage and emotional health
The lifecourse approach
Role of social cohesion and social capital
A final word
Useful websites
Section 3
Ethics, evidence and practice
Chapter 8: Ethics and public health
Ethical frameworks, theories and concepts
Normative ethics in public health
Themes and debates in the development of ethics in public health
Applied ethics
Contemporary and future public health ethics
A final word
Chapter 9: Evidence-based practice
The evolution: evidence-based medicine
The nature of evidence, and key concepts of evidence-based practice
The nature and scope of knowledge
Key concepts of evidence-based practice
What is ‘evidence-based practice’?
Putting evidence into practice
Organisational structures
Finding the evidence
Evidence and policy development
A final word
Useful websites
Chapter 10: Planning and evaluation
Planning and evaluation in public health
Models of planning
Evaluation designs in practice
A final word
Useful websites
Section 4
Health protection and promotion
Chapter 11: Disease control and management
Defining chronic condition and chronic disease
Continuum of care/integrated approach to chronic disease
Chronic disease management programs
Early detection and early treatment
Integration and continuity of prevention and care
Chronic disease prevention and management—some issues
Defining infectious disease
Infectious disease management
A final word
Useful websites
Chapter 12: Environmental health
What is ‘environmental health’?
Environmental health hazards
Sustainable environmental health
Risk assessment and risk perception
A final word
Useful websites
Chapter 13: Disaster preparedness and public health
Defining ‘disasters’
Principles of disaster management
Systems and structures
Special considerations
The role of the public health practitioner
A final word
Chapter 14: Health promotion
History of health education
The concept of wellness
Evolution and evidence for health promotion
Principles of health promotion
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' concepts of health promotion
Strategies for health promotion
Health promotion in practice
Emerging challenges for health promotion
A final word
Useful websites
Section 5
Contemporary issues
Chapter 15: The impact of globalisation on health
Global communication
National and international air travel
Globalisation in population health
The global public health community
A final word
Chapter 16: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
Who are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples?
Government policy
The National Aboriginal Health Strategy
Close the Gap
The Northern Territory Intervention
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today
Community and gendered health
Community-controlled health service sector
Indigenous people in other parts of the world
A final word
Chapter 17: Grand challenges for public health
Grand challenges in the twenty-first century
Twenty-first-century solutions
Globalisation and health
Dietary imbalance, physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour
Population ageing
Sustainable ecological public health
Emerging and re-emerging infections
Genetics, biotechnology and information technology
The public health workforce: skills for a complex future
Strategic planning for public health: political will and action
Leadership and public health: establishing a research agenda