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For success in practice, Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage, 5th Edition provides you with a solid foundation in the fundamentals of massage therapy. Expert author Sandy Fritz shares her wealth of clinical expertise, keeping a consistent focus on clinical reasoning with an increased emphasis on competency-based outcomes. In addition to teaching you how to skillfully apply massage techniques, this text also covers important practice management topics such as ethics, legal issues, sanitation, hygiene, business practices, and professional development. Two DVDs bound in the book provide over three hours of video on techniques, body mechanics, case studies, and more, plus anatomy and physiology animations. Log in to the companion Evolve website for interactive games and learning exercises.

  • Hundreds of full-color photos and illustrations visually clarify key concepts and demonstrate proper technique, draping procedures, body mechanics, and more.
  • A combined workbook/textbook format encourages critical thinking with activities, short essays, fill-in-the-blank questions, labeling exercises, and more to help you review concepts from the book.
  • General Protocol sections in the book, on the Evolve website, and on the companion DVD provide a guide for assessment and massage application, intervention and positioning recommendations, and a modifiable, step-by-step sequence to help you learn to develop care plans for specific clients.
  • Electronic documentation coverage prepares you for today's increasingly digital workplace with examples from electronic record-keeping and office management software programs.
  • Comprehensive coverage of content covered on the National Certification Exam (NCE), the National Certification Exam for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCETMB), and the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx) ensures you are ready to pass certification and licensure exams.
  • Updated insurance reimbursement section features discussions of insurance procedures, appropriate charting, necessary paperwork, and how to manage reimbursement.
  • Expanded massage therapy career content discusses the many career tracks available to massage therapists.
  • Detailed Body Mechanics chapter addresses the use of proper body mechanics for a long and successful career and the most effective treatment.
  • Practical Case Studies chapter offers case studies that help you understand how to apply key concepts to real-world clinical practice.
  • Completely updated content keeps you current with the latest information needed to pass your exams and succeed in practice.
  • NEW! Foot in the Door feature throughout the text outlines the professional traits valued by prospective employers.
  • Available as a Pageburst digital textbook with additional interactive learning tools and electronic assets. Sold separately.



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Published 27 December 2013
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Mosby's FnNdameNtals of Therapentic Massage
Sandy Fritz, MS, NCTMB
Founder, Owner, Director, and Head Instructor, Health Enrichment Center, School of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Lapeer, Michigan
Table of Contents
Cover image
Title page
Who Will Benefit from this Book?
Why Is this Book Important to the Profession of Massage Therapy?
An Adaptale Design
Fritz Gives You the Fundamentals, and More!
Note to Students
Chapter 1. Therapeutic Massage as a Profession
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Professional Touch
Professional Classifications of Touch
Historical Perspectives
Recent Events and Current Professional Trends
Chapter 2. Ethics, Professionalism, and Legal Issues
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Professionalism and Therapeutic Massage
The Definition of Therapeutic Massage
Scope of Practice
Evidence-Based Practice
Ethics and Standards of Practice
Informed Consent
Health Insurance Portaility and Accountaility Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
Professional Boundaries
The Therapeutic Relationship
Ethical Decision Making
Communication Skills
Credentials and Licensing
Dealing With Suspected Unethical or Illegal Behavior
Workook Section
Chapter 3. Business Considerations for a Career in Therapeutic Massage
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
The Résumé
The Interview
Self-Employment or Employment y Others
Client Retention
The Business/Career Plan
The Business Structure
The Target Market
Hallmarks of A Successful Employee
Chapter 4. Massage and Medical Terminology for Professional Record Keeping
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Massage Therapy Terminology
Medical Terminology
Body Structure and Bones, Joints, and Muscles
Body Systems: Nervous, Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, and Immune Systems
Body Systems: Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, and Integumentary Systems
Record Keeping
Workook Section
Chapter 5. Research Literacy and Evidence-Based Practice
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Research Literacy
Current Research
The Research Process
Touch, Massage Therapy, and Physics
Why Massage is Effective—Translating Evidence into Practical Application
Translating Evidence into Practical Application: Nervous/Neuroendocrine System
Translating Evidence into Practical Application: Autonomic Nervous System
Translating Evidence into Practical Application: Somatic Nervous System
Translating Evidence into Practical Application: Circulation
Translating Evidence into Practical Application: Connective Tissue
Translating Evidence into Practical Application: Energy Systems (Biofields)
Chapter 6. Indications and Contraindications for Therapeutic Massage
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Indications for Massage
Approaches to Care
Pathologic Conditions and Indications for Massage
Contraindications to Massage Therapy
Chapter 7. Hygiene, Sanitation, and Safety
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Personal Health, Hygiene, and Appearance
Preventing the Transmission of Hiv Infection, Hepatitis, Tuerculosis, and Other Contagious Conditions
Premise and Fire Safety
Chapter 8. Body Mechanics
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Research: Efficacy of Body Mechanics In Massage Therapists
Ergonomics and Biomechanics
Gender Differences
Self-Care And The Effects Of Improper Body Mechanics
Chapter 9. Preparation for Massage: Equipment, Professional Environment, Positioning, and Draping
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Massage Environment
Determining A New Client's Expectations
Premassage And Postmassage Procedures
Positioning And Draping The Client
Chapter 10. Massage Manipulations and Techniques
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Quality of Touch
Types Of Mechanical Force And Massage Manipulations
Massage Techniques Using Joint Movement
Muscle Energy Methods
Sequence And Flow: The Basic Full-Body Massage
Chapter 11. Assessment Procedures for Developing a Care/Treatment Plan
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Physical Assessment: Ojective Aspect of Assessment
Posture Assessment: Standing Position
Gait Assessment
Assessment of Joint Range of Motion
Basic Orthopedic Tests
Assessment y Palpation
Assessment Procedures for Muscle Testing
Putting It All Together: Functional Biomechanical Assessment
Clinical Reasoning and Prolem Solving
Chapter 12. Complementary Bodywork Systems
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Complementary Bodywork Systems
Hot and Cold Stones
Lymph, Blood, and Circulation Enhancement
Connective Tissue Approaches
Trigger Point Treatment Approaches
Asian Bodywork Methods
Polarity Therapy
Chapter 13. Massage Career Tracks and Practice Settings
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Therapeutic Massage in the Wellness/Spa Environment
Therapeutic Massage in the Health Care Environment
Therapeutic Massage in the Sports and Fitness Environment
Chapter 14. Adaptive Massage
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Animal Massage
Breast Massage
Acute Care
Chronic Illness
Oncology Care
Hospital, Long-Term Care, and Hospice Patients
Individuals with Physical Impairment
Individuals with a Psychological Diagnosis
Chapter 15. Wellness Education
Chapter Ojectives
Key Terms
Challenges to Wellness
The Body: Nutrition
The Body: Physical Fitness
The Body: Relaxation
The Mind
The Spirit
Chapter 16. Case Studies
Chapter Ojectives
Case 1 Generalized Stress and Anxiety with Breathing Pattern Disorder Symptoms
Case 2 Muscle Tension Headache
Case 3 Generalized Pain Syndrome: Suclinical Firomyalgia
Case 4 Neck and Shoulder Pain with Limited Range of Motion
Case 5 Generalized Low Back Pain with Limited Range of Motion
Case 6 Athletic Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness
Case 7 Third Trimester Pregnancy
Case 8 Premenstrual Syndrome
Case 9 Repetitive Strain/Overuse Injury: Bursitis
Case 10 Joint Sprain with Underlying Hypermoility and Lax Ligament Syndrome
Case 11 Osteoarthritis and Arthrosis
Case 12 Nerve Impingement Syndrome
Case 13 General Relaxation
Case 14 Sleep Disturance
Case 15 Circulation Impairment
Case 16 Fatigue Caused y Cancer Treatment
Case 17 Breathing Disorder: Asthma
Case 18 Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)