Environmental Stratified Flows

Environmental Stratified Flows




The dynamics of flows in density-stratified fluids are an important topic for scientific enquiry. Flows arise in many contexts, ranging from industrial settings to the oceanic and atmospheric environments. Both the ocean and atmosphere are characterized by the basic vertical density stratification, and this feature can affect the dynamics on all scales ranging from the micro-scale to the planetary scale. This volume provides a state-of-the-art account of stratified flows as they are relevant to the ocean and atmosphere, with a primary focus on meso-scale phenomena; that is, phenomena whose time and space scales are such that the density stratification is a dominant effect, so that frictional and diffusive effects on the one hand and the effects of the earth's rotation on the other, can be regarded as of less importance.
Environmental Stratified Flows is essential to researchers in the field of oceanography, coastal and marine engineering, and environmental fluid dynamics.



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Published 01 January 1983
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3 Atmospheric Internal Solitary Waves James W. Rottman, Roger Grimshaw
4 Gravity Currents James W. Rottman, P. F. Linden 5 Stratified Flow over Topography Ronald B. Smith 6 Turbulence in Stratified Fluids H.J.S. Fernando 7 Laboratory Studies of Continuously Stratified Flows past Obstacles Don Boyer, Andjeka SrdicMitrovic 8 Elements of Instability Theory for Environmental Flows Larry G. Redekopp