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The philosophy is discipline which comes mainly from the ancient Greece , at least for the West. Besides, this term comes from ancient Greek and it literally means "love of wisdom" . Learned from the final year, during the philosophy course, this discipline allows men to develop a questioning , a reflection , an interpretation on the world and human existence . Even if it is not a science, philosophy is part of important knowledge (on this page all our documents on knowledge and sciences).

The objectives of philosophy

Since the great Greek thinkers and Roman, to those of today and through the Enlightenment (18 th century), this discipline has had several objectives. Among the most important, there is undoubtedly the search for the truth, the meaning of life, of happiness.

To succeed in achieving its objectives, it has always used dialogue and the debate of ideas . It is even one of the foundations of this discipline, because a philosopher will always seek to make debates with a person who does not necessarily have his opinion.

A discipline has several areas

There is not just one philosophy, but several. The different main fields of study of this discipline are therefore logic, ethics, knowledge theory or even political philosophy (studies questions relating to political power).

In addition to these traditional subjects of study, there are other fields which have gradually become attached to philosophy . Among the best known, there is aesthetics, philosophy of law, science or spirit.

Learn philosophy

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The philosopher, heart of the discipline

Few disciplines, scientific or not, or Man to such importance. Indeed, it is already one of the main subjects for the study of philosophy . In addition, philosophical thought generally comes from a particular person, because each great movement has its thinker, its philosopher.

This is why it is important to know the main thinkers who shaped philosophy. Among these, I invite you to discover the biographies of some great men like Emmanuel Kant .