A Beginner

A Beginner's Guide to Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil


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A concise and very readable summary of Nietzsche's Beyond Good and Evil, geared toward students embarking on their studies and general readers. It is an ideal companion for those new to the study of this challenging and often misunderstood classic.

  • Offers clear explanations of the central themes and ideas, terminology, and arguments
  • Includes a glossary of difficult terms as well as helpful biographical and historical information
  • Illustrates arguments and ideas with useful tables, diagrams, and images; and includes references to further readings
  • Forms part of a series of Guides designed specifically for A-level philosophy students by an experienced teacher and founder of the popular website Philosophy Online



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Published 11 February 2009
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List of Illustrations Acknowledgements viii Introduction x
Chapter 1: Background  Life of Nietzsche Nineteenth-centuryEurope Romanticism and German Idealism Pessimism GermanPolitics TheText
Chapter 2: Explanation and Summary of the Main Arguments Introduction Preface  Part One: On the Prejudices of Philosophers  Part Two: The Free Spirit  Part Three: The Religious Nature  Part Four: Maxims and Interludes  Part Five: On the Natural History of Morals  Part Six: We Scholars  Part Seven: Our Virtues  Part Eight: Peoples and Fatherlands  Part Nine: What is Noble?  From High Mountains: Epode
1 1 8 9 9 11 12
14 14 14 16 34 44 52 55 63 68 81 88 103
Chapter 3: Critical Themes Introduction  Reality, Truth and Philosophical Prejudice  Philosophicaplrejudices 1.Thewiltltoruth2.Faitihnantitheticavlalues110  3. Distinction between appearance and reality 4.Atomism5.Teleologicaelxplanation120 6.Immediatceertainty 7.Causa sui129 8.Reication Nietzsche’asnti-realism  God, Religion and the Saint  The question of God’s existence  Religious neurosis and the saint Beyonpdessimismt:heÜbermenschand the eternal return Morality,Ressentimentand the Will to Power  Ethicanlaturalism  A natural history of morality Ressentiment152  Will to power
Appendix: Overviewof
Notes 169
Glossary 181
Beyond Good and Evil161
Bibliography and Suggested Reading
Index 210
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112 115
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