Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Mind

Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Mind


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Contemporary Debates in Philosophy of Mind showcases the leading contributors to the field, debating the major questions in philosophy of mind today.

  • Comprises 20 newly commissioned essays on hotly debated issues in the philosophy of mind
  • Written by a cast of leading experts in their fields, essays take opposing views on 10 central contemporary debates
  • A thorough introduction provides a comprehensive background to the issues explored
  • Organized into three sections which explore the ontology of the mental, nature of the mental content, and the nature of consciousness



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Published 09 February 2009
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Notes on Contributors IntroductionJonathan Cohen
PART I MENTAL CONTENT Is There a Viable Notion of Narrow Mental Content?  1 Cognitive Content and Propositional Attitude AttributionsGabriel Segal 2 There Is No Viable Notion of Narrow ContentSarah Sawyer
Is Externalism about Mental Content Compatible with Privileged Access?  3 Externalism and Privileged Access Are ConsistentAnthony Brueckner 4 Externalism and Privileged Access Are InconsistentMichael McKinsey
Is the Intentional Essentially Normative?  5 Resisting Normativism in PsychologyGeorges Rey 6 Normativism DefendedRalph Wedgwood
Is There NonConceptual Content?  7 The Revenge of the GivenJerry Fodor 8 Are There Different Kinds of Content?Richard G. Heck Jr
PART II PHYSICALISM Is NonReductive Materialism Viable?  9 Everybody Has Got It: A Defense of NonReductive Materialism Louise Antony10 The Evolving Fortunes of Eliminative MaterialismPaul M. Churchland
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Should Physicalists Be A Priori Physicalists? 11 A Priori PhysicalismFrank Jackson12 On the Limits of A Priori PhysicalismBrian P. McLaughlin
Is There an Unresolved Problem of Mental Causation? 13 Causation and Mental CausationJaegwon Kim14 Mental Causation, or Something Near EnoughBarry Loewer
PART III THE PLACE OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN NATURE Is Consciousness Ontologically Emergent from the Physical? 15 Dualist EmergentismMartine NidaRümelin16 Against Ontologically Emergent ConsciousnessDavid BraddonMitchell
Are Phenomenal Characters and Intentional Contents of Experiences Identical? 17 New Troubles for the Qualia FreakMichael Tye18 A Case for QualiaSydney Shoemaker
Is Awareness of Our Mental Acts a Kind of Perceptual Consciousness? 19 All Consciousness Is PerceptualJesse Prinz20 Mental Action and SelfAwareness (I)Christopher Peacocke
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