Faith and Knowledge

Faith and Knowledge


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In this revision of his widely read study, John Hick has taken advantage of constructive comments on the first edition to make the book more useful. New material has been added and the overall structure of the volume has been changed to strengthen it both as an introduction to the problem of religious knowledge and as an exposition of the view of faith that seems to him most adequate. There is a new chapter on the Thomist-Catholic view of faith; a new treatment of the controversial notion of eschatological verification, taking account of various published critiques of the concept; and a new section on the way in which the Christian faith-awareness of God expresses itself in a distinctive way of life.



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Published 01 August 2009
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Wipf and Stock Publishers 199 W 8th Ave, Suite 3 Eugene, OR 97401 Faith and Knowledge A Modern Introduction To the Problem of Religious Knowledge, Second Edition By Hick, John First Edition © 1957, second edition © 1966 by Cornell University Press. ISBN 13: 978-1-60608-696-4 Publication date 6/30/2009. Previously published by Cornell University Press, 1966.
to the 2009 Edition
he biRing of is book as gone Roug seveRal sages. I began as my DocoR of Pilosopy esis a OxfoRd in 1950. I spen e nex Ree yeaRs as a suden a WesminseR heological College, CambRidge, bu was en able o Re-wRie e esis as a book duRing e following Ree yeaRs as miniseR of e BelfoRd PResbyeRian CuRc, NoRumbeRland, England. FRom eRe I wen o CoRnell UniveRsiy in e Unied Saes as an assisan pRo-fessoR of pilosopy, and e book was publised by e CoRnell UniveRsiy PRess in 1957, and was well Received. Bu i may be encouRaging o some aspiRing young academics oday o know a my book ad pReviously been Rejeced by seveRal Englis publiseRs. he second ediion, now RepRined, was fiRs publised in 1966, and diffeRs fRom e fiRs ediion in a one capeR as been dRopped and anoeR added, wi e wole ReaRRanged o make e aRgumen cleaReR. he oucome of is is a i is a beeR book an e oRiginal ediion. Aloug, ineviably, eRe aRe RefeRences o wRieRs widely Read in e 1950’s and 1960’s bu less so now, e episemology pRoposed in e book as Remained foundaional o my subsequen woRk. I ave since applied i beyond CRisianiy o e global Religious siuaion inAn Interpretation of Religion(second ediion, 2004).
PrEFACE TO THE 2009 EDITION heologically, I was muc moRe oRodox wen I wRoeFaith and Knowledgean I ave since become, bu I ave let e book as i sands because i is e episemology RaeR an e eology a is cenRal. I am gRaeful o Wipf & Sock foR Relauncing e book foR e weny-fiRs cenuRy, and I ope a i may pRove useful o a new geneRaion. Jon Hick JanuaRy 2009 BiRmingam, England