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Handbook of Semiotics


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"This is the most systematic discussion of semiotics yet published." —Choice

"A bravura performance." —Thomas Sebeok

"Nöth's handbook is an outstanding encyclopedia that provides first-rate information on many facets of sign-related studies, research results, and applications." —Social Sciences in General

History and Classics of Modern Semiotics

Sign and Meaning
Sign — Meaning, Sense, and Reference — Semantics and Semiotics — Topology of Signs: Sign, Signal, Index — Symbol — Icon and Iconicity — Metaphor — Information

Semiosis, Code, and the Semiotic Field
Zoosemiotics, Ethology, and Semiogenesis — Communication and Semiosis — Function — Magic — Structure — System — Code — Teaching

Language and Language-Based Codes
Verbal Communication: Introduction — Language in a Semiotic Frame — Arbitrariness and Motivation: The Language Sign — Paralanguage — Writing — Universal Language — Sign Language — Language Substitutes

From Structuralism to Text Semiotics: Schools and Major Figures
Introduction — Structuralism, Poststructuralism, and Neostructuralism — Russian Formalism, Prague School, Soviet Semiotics — Barthes's Text Semiotics — Greimas"s Structural Semantics and Text Semiotic Project — Kristeva's Semanalysis — Eco

Text Semiotics: The Field
Text Semiotics: Introduction — Hermeneutics and Exegesis — Rhetoric and Stylistics — Literature — Poetry and Poeticalness — Theater and Drama — Narrative — Myth — Ideology — Theology

Nonverbal Communication
Nonverbal Communication: Introduction — Gesture, "Body Language," and Kinesics — Facial Signs — Gaze — Tactile Communication — Proxemics: The Semiotics of Space — Chronemics: The Semiotics of Time

Aesthetics and Visual Communication
Aesthetics — Music — Architecture — Objects — Image — Painting — Photography — Film — Comics — Advertising



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